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8 Items that Make Traveling with Dogs Easier

Traveling with your dog in the car

If you’re a pet owner and lover, you may find it hard to leave home without your special four-legged friend when going on vacation. As both a cat and dog owner, I understand. I’ve traveled quite extensively with my dog in the past and I’ve even traveled with my cat (who I admit, wasn’t as much of a fan). Through our travels, I’ve found several products that I’ve become a fan of and have made the experience quite a bit smoother for me and my pet.

8 Items that Make Traveling with Dogs Easier

  1. Thunder Shirt Anxiety Shirt

This item is indispensable when traveling with a dog that gets stressed out or anxious in various situations. The Thunder Shirt Anxiety Shirt fits snugly on your pet, soothing them and making them feel secure. This item is a must both at home and on the road and is an item I never travel without when traveling with my dog. This item is available at PetSmart and will fit dogs that weigh between seven to 110 pounds.

  1. A Travel Hammock or Seat Protectors

My vehicle gets a tad bit messy when I travel but there is one thing that I don’t want to deal with and that is pet hair. This water-proof, stain-resistant hammock fits between the seats of most vehicles and not only protects your interior but is also a deterrent for most dogs to jump from one seat to the next, especially in mini-vans and SUV’s with three seats.

  1. A Pet Harness

Not only is it distracting for the driver to have your pet pacing and moving from seat to seat, it’s also dangerous for your pet. Keep them situated in one place with the help of a pet harness. The harness works with your vehicle’s seat belts to keep your pet safe in sudden stops and is fully padded to keep your dog comfortable.

traveling with dogs

  1. Washable Bedding

I travel with a washable dog mat and blanket that I can take in and out of hotels and toss in the washer when needed. Plus, my dog and I have a bedtime routine where I make a big deal of covering him with his blanket. This makes him feel safe and comfortable and helps ease anxiety when traveling.

  1. Portable food & water bowls

In addition to food and treats, I also pack portable food and water bowls. The ones I have are compact and take up very little room in my dog’s travel bag.

  1. Toys

I always pack toys from home that my dog is used to and get him a new toy right before we go on a trip. You can surprise your dog with a BarkBox before your next trip. This monthly subscription box comes packed with treats, toys, chews you and your dog will love.

  1. Calming tablets and spray

If your dog is prone to anxiety, they may need a little help in addition to the Thunder Shirt. I carry a bottle of calming tablets and spray. You can get these at PetSmart as well but I make it a point to ask my vet what they recommend.

Traveling with Dogs

  1. Poo Bags & Mini-Flashlight

If you’re in and out of hotels or vacation rentals, your dog may not sleep through the night even if they have a regular schedule at home. It’s a good idea to pack a flashlight in addition to poo bags for those midnight trips outdoors.

  1. Doggie Wipes

I don’t normally pack shampoo when traveling with my dog but I do pack his doggie wipes to keep him smelling fresh between baths. The wipes are also nice to keep on hand in the event he decides to roll in something stinky when checking out a new location.

All the items I’ve mentioned can be found at PetSmart and we have deals to help you save money when shopping online. You can save up to 30% on select items or if you decide not to travel with your dog, you can board them at the PetSmart PetsHotel and we have a coupon for a free night when you purchase a night.