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8 Last-Minute Digital Gifts that Don’t Require Shipping

digital gifts

As we talked about on Tuesday, today is free shipping day. If you miss it, or you just want to give a gift that won’t necessarily have to take up space, check out these gifts that are sure to make it in time for Christmas. They’re all digital, so no shipping necessary.


For most households, there’s no longer a need for physical DVDs, or even Blurays. You can order movies online at places like VUDU, and digitally stream them to your device. Still want something to wrap up and put under the tree? Get a box or old DVD case. Put a note in it saying, “You have Elf on the PS3!” (Edit for whatever movie and device you bought and use.)


If you have someone in your life that is trying to kickstart or improve their career, look into buying them on online course like the ones at Pluralsight. They are especially good for those that work online or in tech, as they have courses in IT Ops, and software development, along with courses for creative professionals and data professionals. Other topics include manufacturing & design, architecture & construction, and courses for business professionals in traditional office settings.


Experiences are typically far better gifts than physical things, and to enjoy them after the initial giving, the only thing you have to dust off is your memory. While concerts and events are physical happenings, ordering tickets can now be done all online. With up to 60% off, Ticketmaster is our shopping place of choice. If you print out the tickets, you’ll even have something to put under the tree!

Video Games

Much like movies, video games are making the shift to all-digital. You can order streamed games at places like Origin, where Star Wars Battlefront is currently $20 off, and their holiday sale gives you up to 60% off on other select games.

Office Subscription

Many people have Microsoft Office as a subscription at this point in time. Gift or renew one as a gift. Right now, you get $25 cash back when you purchase an Office 365 one-year subscription.


For the music lover in your life, getting an iTunes gift card can be the perfect gift. It allows them to purchase individual tracks, whole albums, or explore new artists. While you can buy physical gift cards, you can also purchase them digitally so you don’t have to worry about shipping.

Amazon Prime Membership

When you gift Amazon Prime, you’ll be giving the gift of free 2-day shipping year round. The recipient will also have access to a vast library of ebooks, and tons of movies they can stream anytime they want.

Make a Donation

Making a donation to their favorite charity can easily be done online, and most charities will allow you to print out a certificate so you have something to wrap. One great organization to donate to is Kiva; you’ll fund a small business owner somewhere in the world who really needs it, and when the loan is paid back, your giftee can either take the cash knowing that it helped someone, or reinvest it into another business to do some more good.