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8 Mother’s Day Gifts for Nerdy Moms

Is mom just a little bit nerdy? Want to get her a super unique gift?

We’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite picks for Mother’s Day from ThinkGeek. Be sure to use promo codes to save money before you purchase!

Flowers…Only Better



Forget the typical bouquet. So cliche. Instead, go retro with this 8-bit Nintendo inspired bouquet. It’s actually 3-D, and you can either mount it on the wall or have it stand solo on its kick out stand.

 Functional Steampunk Jewelry



Nikola Tesla: the man who invented AC generators and envisioned a world where electricity would be free for all. This Tesla-inspired steampunk watch keeps track not just of minutes, but of seconds, too, and can be set by the turn of a key. For extra nerdiness, flick the switch that activates the LED lights inside the vacuum tubes.

Fallout Hoodie



This isn’t just an awesome hoodie for the females of Vault 111. No, it comes with hidden details and bonuses. There’s the yellow-lined thumbholes. There’s the fact that the hood can be zipped down to make it into a cowl neck sweatshirt. And then there’s the bonus of headphone feeds inside each pocket, so she can jam out without getting all tangled up.

Get Romantic Han Solo Style



This is for all the husbands out there that want to disguise the fact that they’re buying a gift for themselves by making it for their wife, too. The smaller of the two 316L surgical stainless steel rings has Leia’s line engraved on it, while you’ll get to take on the Harrison Ford’s with the “I know,” ring. Just watch out for that carbonite.

Shoes That Will Make Her Friends Mad With Envy


She’ll love the details on these Alice in Wonderland inspired shoes. The heel is a kettle balancing inside a teacup, the cards of the Mad Hatter’s hat spew out by the ankle, and the inside of the sole is lined with material featuring the cartoon characters from the 1951 cartoon.

Scientific Jewelry


These earrings are the real deal. Made from natural minerals, howlite serves as the moon orbiting the sodalite representation of earth on the other side of her ear. They’re unique and celebrate natural science in the best way: naturally.

Tardis Blanket


Normally throw blankets are made so that they can’t reasonably cover up one human being, nonetheless serve for cuddling purposes with kids or spouses. That’s one reason we love this super soft Tardis blanket: it’s huge! The other reason we love it? We’re not-so-secretly Dr. Who fans.

The Cookie Egg


When you have kids at home, a cookie jar is almost a must. It’s great for bribes, teaching patience, and inevitably honesty at some point. (Who took those cookies from the cookie jar?) This cookie jar deserves more protection than most. Modeled after a rare dragon egg, the mom in your life will join the same leagues as the Mother of Dragons.