8 Questions About Verizon

Verizon communications is an innovative leading service provider of mobility, communications, entertainment and information. Verizon Communications offers superior video, broadband and wireline and wireless services. They cater to businesses, wholesale customers, government and consumers. In addition, Verizon delivers integrated business solutions in more than 150 countries. The motto is entertainment on budget.


We got in touch with one of the professionals at Verizon about the site and how people can benefit from it.

Why should people opt for Verizon over other communication service provider?

Verizon is the US largest 4G wireless network provider and offers progressive fiber-optic network. Thus Verizon Wireless constantly delivers the most advanced wireless technology. Verizon offers FiOS or Standard services that let you use fast Internet, impressive HD channels on TV and dependable phone services.

What are the types of services offered by Verizon?

Verizon promises crystal clarity and amazing speed of the 100% fiber optics. They offer phone, TV and internet products that are sure to exceed your expectations. FiOS is the latest offering by Verizon and offers fasted Internet connection and unmatched TV picture quality. Customers can choose the FiOS bundles to enjoy the benefits. There are also standard Verizon phone and internet services that work on the network of copper wires. This utilizes dependable DSL Internet technology and offers reliable services at pocket-friendly price.

Is there any service offered by Verizon for people who are shifting to their new home or office?

Moving with Verizon is pretty simple. You just need to sign up for My Verizon to move yours services to the new address. With Verizon you can even keep your phone number the same in most cases. Also it gives you an opportunity to upgrade the phone, internet and TV services. To find about the new plans it is best to check on the website or call the customer care support. In most cases the connections would be done even before you move in your new house.

Do you provide assistance in selecting the right plan?

In case you are not sure which plan to choose from, our team of professionals will help you find the package. You just need to answer few questions about your home phone, TV and Internet activities. The FiOS Interactive Plan Advisor will suggest the options that match best suit your budget and needs.

Is there any special plan for college students?

At Verizon there are special plans for college students. The plan for students allows them to upload assignments at ease, watch TV, and run multiple devices without any hitch. The plan is really affordable and requires no activation fee and contract. This helps the student be relaxed and focus on important things rather than the burden of signing the contracts.

Are HD channels offered in both FiOS and Standard service pack?

Verizon believes that HD TV deserves the HD channels to get the best viewing experience. There are over 130 HD channels on FiOS TV. This plan even has over 1000 titles on demand, premium movies and programs. You can conveniently find the channels of your choice.

There are more than 190 channels offered on DIRECTV. This pack contains almost all major Sports Channel. The mix of channels is sure to entertain all family members at an affordable price range. A great viewing experience is assured with 99% worry-free signals.

Why should people prefer Verizon wi-fi?

Verizon wifi internet services give you the freedom to stay connected. This service includes service for residential customers. Also, Verizon wifi includes FiOS internet that promises 15/5 Mbps but there are higher speed plans and High speed internet plans to choose from. There are over 5,000 Verizon hotspot locations without having to pay anything extra. This gives you the freedom to connect your laptop to Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, airports and malls.

Does Verizon offers technical troubleshooting services?

Verizon understands that technical glitches and lack of knowledge often leave customers annoyed. Verizon has online support tool that allows you to diagnose and fix the issues regarding Verion Internet, Phone and FiOS TV. There is also an option to create a request for repair or check the status of the existing repair.