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8 Summer Road Trip Essentials

Are you planning a road trip this summer? Traveling up the coast for some rest and relaxation by the sea? Heading to the mountains for some lake time? Maybe you are just taking a long day trip to a nearby theme park. Wherever you are going, if you are traveling in a vehicle, you will want to make note of these road trip essentials.

Emergency Road Kit

Probably the most important thing in our list of essentials, is an emergency road kit. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The motto in road trips is to be prepared for the unexpected.

There are many different kits on the market, one I like is the First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables. This kit even has a First Aid kit included as well as an air compressor, so you can add air to your tires wherever you are.  Beyond that, it has a safety triangle to help keep you safe if you are changing a tire, tow rope, window safety hammer, flashlight, tire repair kit, work gloves, bungie cords, electrical tape, multi tool and more. This is a well-stocked kit that gives you everything you need for a roadside emergency.

Travel Pillow

A good travel pillow is something that I like to have in the car. If you have kids, a travel pillow will definitely come in handy.  Beyond being a comfort to passengers, they are also helpful if the driver needs to pull over in a safe place to get some rest. I really like the Yzakka Convertible Neck Pillow for my kids because they are so cute and practical. These adorable travel pillows double as a cuddly stuffed toy. Pillow is available in six different animal styles, choose the elephant, bear, dolphin, pig, dog or tiger design.

Trash Container

I know traveling with kids, it is a given there will be trash. Rather than finding it all over my van’s floor, I like to have a trash bag that the kids can use to put empty wrappers, cups, water bottles etc. in. This way when we stop to get gas, I can empty the trash bag and it will keep our vehicle much neater and cleaner. Since I have a van, we use 2 bags and the Busy Life Car Trash Bag comes in 2 pack which is perfect. It is a sturdy bag that can stand alone or you can hang it on a seat back or door handle. It has a wipe clean liner, so any spills can be wiped up easily. You can find the emergency kit, travel pillow and trash container on Amazon.



I like to keep some small boxes of tissues in the car. Summer is a time when many people suffer from allergies. You never know when a sneezing fit may hit, so it is good to be prepared. Tissues can also double as napkins in a pinch.


Baby wipes are great to keep in the car for wiping up any messes, hands, faces or to use to freshen up when traveling. I always keep a pack in my van.


A cooler is great for storing bottles of water and other drinks, so that you don’t have to stop every five minutes because someone is thirsty. You can also use it to keep snacks cold along the way. If you are trying to save money by not having to stop at fast food restaurants along the way, you can pack sandwiches and other foods to eat in the cooler.

Car Charger

Make sure you have a good quality car charger for your cell phones and other mobile devices. My kids like to use their tablets when traveling so we make sure that we have multiple port chargers as well as power banks to use when we are traveling to power our phones and tablets.

Flexible Phone Holder

A flexible phone holder is great to use in your vehicle, especially if you use your smart phone as a navigation device. The Scosche Universal Power Mount with Flex Neck and USB port mounts in your vehicle’s 12V power socket and lets you change your device while it is securely mounted. The flexible arm and 360 degree swivel allows for vertical or horizontal viewing. You can find this phone mount at Target.