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A Fabulous Business Tale About Costco Wholesale

Costco wholesale is a one of the largest one stop shop in the US today. In 2013 and the next years ahead, Costco is planning to strategically spread out its reach worldwide. In the market today, it is in close competition with Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club sharing the same business strategy of conquering the market successfully.

Costco store

While it is considered as the second largest retailer in the United States, it is in fact the largest when it comes to warehouse club retailing. The Costco Wholesale marketing group had successfully implemented the “bulk order – get heavy discount” strategy, and it goes on, selling day after day. It has not stopped selling almost everything since 1983. Since almost everything can be found inside a Costco Wholesale branch, it flourished like mushrooms in the US market and in Puerto Rico. In fact, Costco Wholesale has more than 37 branches today and will still be counting for more in the coming years, and how does each Costco Wholesale branch attract customer? The answer is very clear. Let me list down a few below.

• At Costco Wholesale, consumer can save time and effort. The convenience of not having to move from one place to another is already a great pleasure. Driving from one place to another is very tiring. Having to deal with traffic jam is definitely very stressing.

• Second, Costco Wholesale is very organized. Looking for a certain product is time consuming, but not at Costco Wholesale where everything is displayed categorically.

Third, all products are available in wholesale, and wholesale purchase means more price discounts.

• Fourth, Costco Wholesale is in almost all segments. Namely:

  1. Hardlines –Appliances, Electronics, Hardware, Office Supplies and many more.
  2. Food – dry and more on institutionally packaged food like oatmeal, cereal etc..
  3. Sundries – candy, tobacco, beverages, snack foods and others related to this segment.
  4. Softlines – Apparels, Accessories, and Home Furnishings. Anything about personal and home enhancements.
  5. Fresh Foods– meat, bread, and Delis etc.
  6. Ancillary – medicines, gasoline, travel products, photo technology.

• On top of all, Costco Wholesale has conquered the Internet. Just like the actual store, it never ran out of real deals. This season let us look closely at some of Costco’s online shopping story.

  1. A $500-dollar discount from Sap and Fitness products.
  2. Check out online at the 25% off on selected products.
  3. $500-dollar off in Furniture orders like sofa leather sets and bedroom sets.
  4. 73% off on quality air purifier.
  5. $500 –dollar slash on Winter Apparels.
  6. $150 off on a Dell Inspiron computer.

Now, with the short list above, there is no way to say that Costco is half its journey. Costco is on top and will manage to stay on top with its mission sounding like: To continuously sell products of high quality with the lowest possible price in the market today.

For those interested in observing the best in consumer psychology, Costco Wholesale is the place to be.