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A Freezer——A Great Strategy to Saving Money on Food

With the drought that our country is experiencing, it is evident that we will be facing even higher food prices in the near future. It’s a fact of life that if the supply is low, then the demand will go up and so will prices. But there are also other factors in rising food prices; there is the cost of shipping. Living in the Midwest I see this drought firsthand. The scorched farm ground is just one symptom of this drought, there is also the problem with low water levels in rivers. The depth of the Mississippi river is so low that barges that normally ship goods cannot navigate the river due to the low water level. More expensive means of getting products to market will contribute to the rising food prices.

But take heart and don’t throw in the towel and give up. You can save money on food if you start now to put some savvy shopping strategies into action.


1. Find some money in your budget and invest in a freezer. You won’t regret it. Even if you live in a small apartment, you should be able to find a small chest freezer to fit in your living space somewhere. You can purchase a small 5 cubit foot chest freezer for about $170. With this investment you will be able to store around 175 lbs. of food in that small freezer. If you can afford a Iarger freezer, then buy it. But my all means shop around and purchase what you can afford. Also, now is not the time to be picky. If it doesn’t come in the color you want and it is a great deal, then forgot the color and buy it. I guarantee that it will be worth it. A freezer will pay for itself in no time with all of the great deals you are going to find.

2. With the many farmers and ranchers who are selling off their beef cattle, the market will soon be flooded with beef. We are going to see some great prices on beef for the next few months, but just as soon as the “glut” of meat on the market is used up, the prices will then increase. Estimates are that next year we could be paying as high as $4.00 to $5.00 for a lb. of ground beef. In this week’s local grocery ads, there is one store in my town that is selling ground beef for only $1.79 a lb. That is one sweet deal. These deals won’t be limited to beef, but will extend to pork and chicken. With a freezer you will be able to stock up on these great deals and save a boatload of money over the next few months. Buying in bulk means spending more money up front on great deals, but you will be set for months and can delay purchasing meat at a higher price. It really does give you a great means of saving money on food.

3. Even with food prices increasing, there will still be the occasional “get you in the grocery store” great deals. These are called loss leaders. The grocery store doesn’t make money on these deals, but they do make money once they entice you in the store and get you to start looking around and toss other items into your cart. You will find that once you own a freezer you will be able to stock up on those frozen vegetables when there is a loss leader sale or frozen orange juice and yes, that occasional great deal on ice cream.

My freezer is one of my favorite appliances as it saves me a lot of money. Having a freezer opens up a whole new strategy for food shopping and saving money on food. I will never, never be without a freezer in my household.