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A Good Choice of Diamond—Gordon Jewellers

Gordon's Jewelers

Reason or no reasons, Diamonds are a way to make way through your precious heart. Be it a life proposal or lifesaving situation, well at Gordon’s Jewellers there’s one available for every situation and the entire team is here to guide and help you take a decision.

With integrity and honesty, as two of the founding pillars, Gordon’s Jewellers was founded in 1905 by Meyer M. Gordon. His store was one of the first few general merchandise stores in Houston, Texas, which showcased a variety of watches and jewelry.

Having been in the industry for over 100 years, Gordon Jewellers has created its own niche in market with its quality service and a wide variety of diamond jewelry to choose from. Each team member at Gordon Jewellers has been certified individually and excels in knowledge. When it comes to diamonds- any cut, clarity or shape, you name it and they have it for you.

Gordon Jewellershas always believed in 4Cs- Confidence, Courtesy, Customer & Contentment, and this has been their vision all along. Whether you are shopping at one of the exclusive stores or shopping online at, the quality remains same with timely delivery promise attached to it, which gives every customer an option to choose one of the most beautiful diamonds at a reasonable price and a pride that its bought from a reputed and trusted brand.

Another goal of Gordon Jewellers is to make each and every customer, who walks in the store,have an exclusive shopping experience. Whether one is shopping alone or as a to-be-engaged couple, or for any other occasion, Gordon Jewellers ensures the comfort level of each is the same.

At every question asked from the team about the showcase products or any services, Gordon Jewellers always welcomes the opportunity to share knowledge pertaining to diamonds which helps in comparison of all shapes, sizes and clarity diamonds and eases out the decision-making and finalising the purchase. Few of the stores also offer exclusive viewing rooms or cabins where customers are given a private eye while selecting the diamonds.

So, if someone is considering and looking for recommendations on where to buy a rare quality diamond from and seeking to build on a long-lasting relationship with a jeweler who is trustworthy, Gordon Jewellers is the name.

Starting from engagement rings to latest trends to fine jewelry ranging from classic to contemporary styles, Gordon’s Jewellers have a vivid variety to offer to its customers for every time they walk into the store.

Diamonds are a girls best friend and every wants own it. If you are budget conscious couples, please never to forget to check out the latest  coupons & deals for Gordon’s Jewellers. It’s just one of the most easiest way that will help you save big.