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A Grill for Every Living Situation

One of our favorite things about summer is grilling out. It’s relatively easy, produces mouth-watering eats and gets everyone outside.

You’ll have different grilling needs, though, depending on if you live in an apartment with limited outdoor space or a place with a yard big enough to host an all-out party.

Today we’re highlighting a ton of options from Sears as they sell quality products and have a ton of quality promo codes at the moment that will save you a bunch of money on your purchase.

Party Grills

These bad mamma jammas ensure you’ll have all the room you need to feed the crowd at the next family reunion or block party.

Kenmore Deluxe Charcoal Grill

For those who are partial to the taste of charcoal-grilled meats and veggies, look no futher than the Kenmore Deluxe Charcoal Grill. With almost 775 square inches of cooking space, you won’t only be able to handle the block party—you’ll also have enough to take it tailgating. Because both sides fold up, its likely to fit in the back of your truck, van or SUV this fall, too, making transportation easier.

Kenmore 6 Burner Stainless Steel Front Gas Grill with Storage

If you prefer cooking with gas, this grill is one of the top choices out there. Currently $100 off, it features six burners, multiple tiers of cooking grids, and a side burner if you have a separate dish you need to grill at a different temperature from the rest of the feast.

It also has a ton of storage so you won’t be making a million trips back and forth from the kitchen.

Everyday Grills

You’ve got the space for a grill, but you don’t necessarily need to feed a Dothraki army every time you cook.

BBQ Pro 22.5” Kettle Charcoal Grill

Check out this classic! Kettle grills are just nostalgic—they’re also easy on the wallet. Under $60, BBQ Pro’s take is perfect for grilling out with the family without busting the budget.

Kenmore 3 Burner Black Patio Grill

This is our gas pick for everyday grills. The shelving on the side is convenient, but can also be conveniently folded down for storage purposes. Perfect for those who don’t enjoy cleaning beneath cooking grids, which includes just about every human being ever, is a pullout grease catcher.

Grills for Small Spaces

Whether you have a small budget or a small patio, these grills will keep you from being left out from cooking out this summer.

Blue Rhino Crossfire LP Gas Charcoal Portable Grill

If you’re only cooking for a fefw people—or even just yourself, this smaller grill is ideal. The crossfire caters to people who prefer the charcoal taste, but love the convenience of gas grills—and the convenience of not having to wait 30 minutes before you can even start grilling.

Better Chef 15-inch Tabletop Grill

Short and sweet, this electric grill caters to those who don’t like the idea of having propane around their small children. It’s also perfect for those who may not have any outdoor space at all.