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A Trustable Online Retailer For Health and Beauty Products

There are so many options for buying health and beauty products online, that it’s hard to know the best sites to buy from. Virtually every pharmacy and large chain-style retailer has an online presence. When it comes to buying vitamins and supplements, as well as organic foods and beauty products, stands out as one of the finest online retailers available.

vitacostMany people first discover Vitacost either because of the flyers that they often include in those Value-Pack mailers or internet ads. Many potential customers are looking for discount Vitamins, which is what gained this company its name and excellent reputation. Virtually every vitamin or supplement on the planet can be found here, from the standard Vitamin C, calcium, B vitamins and multi-vitamins, to more exotic supplements like acai berry and Fo-Ti root. Over-the-counter remedies are also sold here, such as aspirin, Tums and Beano, and these products are sold at deep discounts.

Vitacost does carry national brands at competitive prices, but when users choose the house brand, they can really find some good sales and savings. It often has a bo-go, where customers can buy one item of their brand of products and receive a second at half price. The company also often has free shipping when customers purchase a certain dollar amounts worth of their goods. Vitacost advertises that their products are sold at wholesale prices 30% to 70% below regular retail prices for most of their items.

The store also guarantees all of the items they sell. Purity and efficacy (potency) are guaranteed, and Vitacost lab tests all of their own products regularly to make sure that customers are getting exactly what they are promising to give them. All of the products they sell come with a money-back guarantee.

Recently Vitacost took on a whole new array of products that it offers to its customers. Their health and beauty section carries some of the best products with all natural and organic ingredients. Brands like Alba, Avalon Organics, Dr. Bronner’s, Burt’s Bees and Pharmacopia all have products listed on the site at rock bottom prices. Organic shampoos, hair dyes and conditioners can be had at Vitacost, as well as facial masks made with fruits and organic ingredients and even earth-friendly nail polishes for the socially and environmentally conscious. Vitacost also carries a full line of organic and mineral cosmetics.

Vitacost even has a pets section, where customers can find good products that are also good for their pets. Natural Guinea pig food, heartworm remedies and dog treats are featured along with bird seed, fish food and pet-friendly water bottles for caged animals. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of low cost, high quality vitamins, so can the furry friends you love.