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Adobe CS6: Newest Member in the Adobe Family

Adobe CS6After months of hints and sneak peeks, Adobe officially launched Creative Suite 6 on Monday, April 23rd, 2012. For those who were eager to learn more about the products, it’s really thrilling news.

The advent of contemporary technology has always brought surprises along. And so has happened now when Adobe CS6 penetrated the overly crowded sphere of web designing. The designers across the planet were spellbound when they tried their hands over the predecessor version of CS6. However, the actual review of the Adobe CS6 is still under the wraps.

But, we’re here to unveil the ultra-modern and exclusive features of Adobe CS6 which you most probably aren’t aware of. This newly launched Adobe CS6 is highly compatible with the handy gadgets, such as Blackberry tablets, iOS, Android devices, Ipads, and Iphones. Thanks to “Creative Cloud,” which enables you to download and store this Adobe CS6 software in those devices, which accompanies you 24×7. Being an advanced and the latest version of Adobe on the block, CS6 offers a plethora of upgraded features, which is indeed good news for the designers and creative minds that love playing with the high-resolution digital images on the Adobe.

Also, the ones who get easily magnetized by the professionally clicked and edited images will now augment the beauty of their clicked images with the sheer assistance of Adobe CS6. The availability of Blur tools will enable you to give exclusive professional touches to the raw images, such as depth of field effects. These peerless Blur tools are brimming with myriad features, which are innovative and offer an opportunity to the enthusiastic Adobe users to let their juices of creativity flow.
Earlier, the designers used to apply the Fade tool to create the heavenly depth of field effects. However, with Adobe CS6, there no more need to get apprehensive in this regard as there is a wide range of effects, displayed by these varied Blur tools.
In Adobe CS5, the content-aware fill tool had made its debut. But now, it is available in the advanced Adobe CS6 in a new packaging. Powered by specific functioning, content-aware tool in Adobe CS6 is more convincing and assures more reliable results.

Another surprising characteristic that Adobe CS6 is flaunting proudly is the new adaptive wide angle filter. It perfectly assists the users in straightening the geometrical angles of the click images. Generally, cameras are capable to doing this, but there are certain shots which can’t be corrected automatically with the camera. Thus, this adaptive wide angle filter is very useful for correcting the lines of panorama shots and frames formed via fish-eye lenses.

The well modified feature-shelf of Adobe CS6 also brings an improved panel of adjustment layers into the spotlight. Now, the level adjustment layers and clicking auto assures more precise results than before. The wide array of adjustment layers here is putting across a new adjustment layer type, known as Color Lookups, offering spellbinding film-like effects, such as Horror Blue, Bleach Bypass and Moonlight.
Updated graphics engine has also got its share of attention as it has now emerged with mind-blowing attributes in the successor version of Adobe CS5.
The biggest advantage associated with Adobe CS6 is “Cloud Computing.” This allows you to further share the stored data in your mobile devices on the entire social networking platforms where you are active on. Irrespective of the gadget you’re using, the latest Abode CS6 software will support you in enjoying an uninterrupted mobile computing experience.

All in all, this modernized and updated version of Adobe is certainly intended to amaze the enthusiastic and professional users of the Adobe application. And yes, even the industry connoisseurs are certain that Adobe CS6 has entered the industry with an intention to revolutionize the current and stale working procedure of the Adobe applications.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 software delivers a whole new experience for digital media creation, enabling you to work lightning fast and reach audiences wherever they may be. And now, Creative Suite 6 Master Collection is available. With it, you can realize your creative vision in the ultimate design environment for print, web, and video. The full price of this set is from US $2,599.00 and the upgrade price is from only US $525.00. Want it?
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