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Adorable Back to Preschool Picks for Your Little Ones

Many families have enjoyed being able to spend their summers together while older children have been out of school. As kids head back to school, younger siblings will head back to preschool, or maybe even enroll for the first time. It’s wonderful to get little ones into a school routine at an early age if you can manage it. Finding the right preschool or early school program can be a challenge, so once you find one that will best suit the needs of your child, it’s best to get them enrolled as soon as possible, or at the very least, get them on a waiting list. Once accepted, your little one will be ready to start learning and having fun in a classroom setting for a few hours a week. To help get them prepared, you’ll want to help your little students feel like big boys and girls as they start their learning journey in school.

Let your little one help you select a backpack that reflects their personality. Stephen Joseph has wonderful backpacks of different sizes, perfect for preschoolers. The smaller drawstring backpacks are perfect for age 3, and the larger backpacks are great for ages 4-5. The backpacks come in fun designs, shapes, and even have embellishments. The backpacks can be personalized with your child’s name, so they’ll know which backpack is theirs. It also makes it much easier for teachers to know which backpack belongs to which child. Get 15% off your first order when you sign up at Stephen Joseph.

Nap mats might be requested or suggested by your child’s teacher. If teachers feel that the class might benefit from a nap during the day, having a personalized nap mat for your child will help them to feel safe and secure enough to fall asleep and rest, somewhere other than home. Nap mats usually contain a small pillow, a cushioned floor mat, and an attached blanket, which can be zipped up like a sleeping bag. Nap mats also usually have the ability to be folded up, zipped closed, and carried with a built in carry handle. You might also think to send a favorite stuffed animal of blanket with your child to help them feel more secure during their nap time or rest time.

Your preschooler may not need a lunch box, unless there is a special lunch program offered, where the children can stay at school for an extended period to eat lunch with their friends. Your child will probably eat a snack at preschool at some point during the morning. Try to avoid sending prepackaged snacks. Instead, purchase a few containers with easy to remove lids, and send some healthy snacks. Great options for little hands are Goldfish crackers, cheese cubes, and fresh fruit. Use silicone muffin liners to separate different foods.

Don’t forget about rain gear. You might want to consider leaving rain gear at the school for your child to wear in case it’s needed. A pair of rain boots will keep them from ruining their shoes. A rain jacket is great to have any time of the year, so their clothing stays dry. Save 30% off regular priced styles at Lands End.

You won’t need to go overboard with supplies for your preschooler. They’ll just need a few items to get started, and get into the habit of using a backpack and a snack bag. Be sure to remember to take a precious first day of school photo. They’ll be heading off to high school before you know it!