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Affordable, Beautiful Jewelry: Perfect for Gifts

Spring and summer are full of gift-giving opportunities. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, then Father’s Day – and don’t forget all of the weddings during Wedding Season! Armoring yourself with clever gift ideas and versatile, giftable jewelry is going to make this a stress-free and affordable mid-year gift-giving season.

Finding original, meaningful gifts is actually a lot harder than you think it will be, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to jewelry, buying the perfect gift for the perfect person is a challenge.

There are a few jewelry designers that seemed to have cracked the code of giftable jewelry. They’ve come up with designs that fit several different personality types, style preferences, and aesthetic.

Dogeared was started in 1991 by Marcia Maizel-Clarke. They specialize in making jewelry with minimalist in appearance but big in sentimental impact. Their delicate necklaces and bracelets come packaged on a decorative card with additional praise and compliments for the recipient.

Their jewelry designs are perfect because they’re usually so small that they don’t draw much attention. No, that’s a good thing! They blend in with whatever you wear, so the recipient can feel comfortable wearing it every day.

One of the best parts of Dogeared jewelry: the price. It’s already affordable with necklaces available under $50, but we can offer you 15% off of your Dogeared order with our coupons! That’ll make it sweet for both you and the gift-receiver.

Soufeel is another jewelry designer that offers great prices on really beautiful, stand-out jewelry. First of all, our promo codes can save you 10% on your first Soufeel order, so that’s a great reason to check the brand out.

This brand has a perfect piece of jewelry for every budget and every occasion. These beautiful two-toned earrings would be an excellent gift for nearly any woman, and they’re only $30!

Last but not least, Jack + G has some of the most modern, gorgeous jewelry I’ve seen in years – and it’s affordable, as well! Tons of rose and yellow gold jewelry in styles that look like they’re straight from the runway. You won’t find jewelry like this at the mall!

These creations are from the minds of two friends who met at design school in Denmark. They now operate their jewelry line out of Brooklyn, NY, and create gorgeous works of art like these bound rings that we can actually afford!

What are your favorite jewelry gifts to give to the women in your life? Tell us in the comments!