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Affordable Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day

Today’s Moms are more hip than ever, and the same old flowers and bath products just don’t cut it anymore. These days, Mom wants cool tech gifts! She wants a tablet, a new smartphone, and a smart watch while you’re at it.

Okay, maybe you don’t need to shower your mom in all of the tech gifts, but giving her an affordable, high quality piece of technology will not only make her happy, it will help her accomplish her goals! The nice thing about all of this “Smart” technology is that, well, it’s smart and helps you streamline your life.

Have you seen the newest laptops? They can easily switch from a laptop to a handheld tablet in seconds. Mom can use it to type, draw, play games, and shop from anywhere at any time. Pretty cool, right? If you’ve got a mom who loves to save space and multi-task, this is the gift for her. Many brands make these 2-in-1 laptops, but with our coupons, you can save 35% on a Dell Home 2-in-1 laptop. They’re very affordable and with that much versatility, it’s a smart buy no matter what! Personalize it for your mom by getting a custom laptop skin for the specific model you choose.

Virtual Reality is on the rise, and consumer models are becoming more and more accessible. You can do more than just play games, too! Watch movies in 180° full screen, and even virtually travel to locations around the world that simulate your surroundings as you move. Amazing!

You can buy a big fancy virtual reality headset for hundreds of dollars, or you can get your mom an on-demand experience at an affordable price! Google Cardboard is made out of one of the most affordable, lightweight materials ever – cardboard! A VR headset that connects to your phone is available for only $15 and will definitely surprise your Mom! Imagine her virtually strolling through the Italian countryside with a glass of wine in her hand…

If you are ready to take the plunge into a serious virtual reality system, there’s no better starting place than the Oculus Rift. Microsoft has been developing this for years, and now you can get it for less than $500. With Microsoft Store promo codes, this incredible gift could be even more affordable!

Want to get mom something you know she’ll use every day? Get her a new smartphone.

If your mom is anything like mine, she si worried about information security. She thinks she’s being hacked by everyone and that none of her info is truly safe. While she might be overreacting, there’s good reason to be concerned about internet security. The Blackberry DTEK50 is the most secure Android phone available, and it’s one of the most affordable in the Blackberry smartphone family. With a Blackberry coupon, you could get free shipping so it’s here in time for Mother’s Day at no additional cost.

With Mom’s new tech, she’ll be blowing up your phone with text messages and tweeting at you all the time! Your dream come true, right? All jokes aside, setting your mom up with the technology that will keep her connected, creative, and captivated will keep her young.

What kind of tech would your mom love to get on Mother’s Day?