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Affordable Ways to Learn a New Language This Spring

learn a new language

Spring is a time to enjoy new hobbies and activities. The weather is warmer and a little sunshine tends to give people the motivation they need to try something different. For some people, it’s a new gym routine, a new diet, or maybe an art class or volunteer program. For others, it’s something they can really challenge themselves with, and maybe use later on. Have you ever considered learning a new language? Even if you already speak another tongue, there’s always room for more. Once you pick up that new language, it’s like a whole new world has opened up. You can travel to different places and meet new people.

So, are you ready to learn a new language this spring? Here’s how you can do it at an affordable price.

learn a new language

Rocket Languages

Not sure what language you want to learn? Rocket Languages has them all, and for a great price. Right now, they have amazing sales on their various programs to help you pick up a new language in no time. The hot languages right now on their site are Arabic, German, Italian, and Japanese. Get premium access for $99.95, or $50 off any language course.

Mcgraw-Hill World Languages

Your most trusted textbook company, Mcgraw-Hill, has material for virtually any topic. Though their company is generally catered to younger students, there’s no age limit when it comes to learning anything, especially a language. Now, you can save on language materials starting at $5.91.

learn a new language

Rosetta Stone

When it comes to learning languages, everyone knows about Rosetta Stone. They are the biggest name in language-learning software, and the results show it’s proven to work. The problem is, most people hold off on buying the program because of the cost. Now, you can save $60 off a 24-month subscription! What are you waiting for? It’s time to get studying!


Want to take a more relaxed approach to language learning? Some people prefer to actually learn with a native speaker instead of a rigid program. Verbling is a great website where you can have online language classes with a native speaker. Now, you can do a 30-minute trial lesson for $6, or find a French tutor for as low as $10 an hour.

learn a new language

It’s never too late to learn how to speak a new language. And, with spring right around the corner, the days will be longer and you’ll have more time to dedicate to learning. Best of all, learning a new language doesn’t need to be expensive. When you have these great deals, you can be speaking a new language in no time!