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AllAboutDance – Graceful and Affordable

Everyone enjoys a good dance performance but it takes more than just plain viewership to appreciate the coordination between various elements which culminate into this artistic expression. While pondering over a subject such as dance, people would normally emphasize on practice, patience and grace but it takes someone with an eye for details to realize that factors like clothing and accessories also play a seminal role.

A dancer can perform to her potential only if she is comfortably dressed and in this regard there have been but a few choices available to dancers all over the world. It was therefore with a sigh of relief and pleasure that All About Dance was greeted by professional as well as aspiring dancers from across the globe when it came into being 10 years ago. What started as a fledgling organization a decade back soon established itself and earned a reputation for supplying quality products all over the world through its timely shipping services.

After the online store was opened, its potential in terms of quality and reach became known as the company established itself in far and distant countries through its website, catalogues and reliable network of national and international shipping. Today, it has built a reputation for itself wherein all kinds of branded dance wear from prominent manufacturers like Capezio, Leos, Bloch, and Mirella and so on are considered as being synonymous with this brand.

Whether it is dance, jazz, cheerleading or gymnastics, AllAboutDance has something for everyone from of its huge and colorful collection of dancewear like Leotards and tights – fishnet, footless stretch and convertible varieties – and dance shoes. Adding to the pleasure is coupon code: AAD2011 which enables the shopper to avail a discount of 5% on his purchase.