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Amazing Books that you can gift to a child

Books are a man’s best friend and there are certain ways to make them the best friends for your kids too. Early cultivation of reading habits is a great way to help develop love for books in your child. So whatever is the occasion or the age of your child, you can always find a perfect book to gift him. Go through the list of the following great books for your kid:


1. A drool proof book for a teether: Yes! You can gift a book to a teething toddler too. Just ensure that it is drool proof and is extremely sturdy in nature. The books for toddlers don’t have much of words but consist of only bright pictures that will surely catch the fancy of your cutie.

2. Bedtime stories: Children still love to sleep while listening to fairy tales and other popular bed time stories. So this can be a perfect gift for your princess.

3. Classics: There is no reason that your child won’t like the classics that you grew up with. So gift him one today. In all chances your child won’t get them himself as kids by nature want to go for the latest books and things.

4. Visual books: A large group of children are visual learners or they learn faster through visuals. So a rhyme book that helps children to identify new things and objects or even rhymes are a great pick.

5. Books that improve vocabulary: Growing up years is the age when a child develops his vocabulary. So why not gift a lexicology book to your growing champ. This will surely keep him hooked until he learns at least 500 new words. Surely a great way to learn.

6. Self-narratives for the pre-teens: I remember the craze for the ‘Chicken soup for the Soul’ series of book that I used to crazy about in school days. Children in their pre-teens or early teens have issues and problems of their own and love to read narratives that they can relate to. Pick up a pick that is related to something related to High School or Middle school challenges.

7. Series books: If you want your child to get more into reading, you can give him the first part of a book series. Gifting him a gift card along with the first book of a series will help him to go for the later parts too.You should be very careful about what you choose as if the child feels unable to relate to the book, he may not go for the alter parts of the book at all.

Even though you can gift almost anything to small child as his reading inclination and interests are still shaping up, you should be sure to consider the interests of a grown up child. There is no use of gifting him a book whose genre he doesn’t like. It is best to take him to the bookshop with you or better even gifting him a library card.

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