An Easy Way to Plan Your Vacation

Are you looking for your next great adventure? Do you want to live in a Tuscan Castle, visit the beaches of Bali or experience a South African safari? Wherever you are in your travel plans, Great Value Vacations can help.Family-Friendly-Vacation-Packing-Tips-MainPhotoDo you have a specific destination in mind or do you need a little help deciding where to go? If you aren’t certain, check out Great Value Vacations categories of interest. There you can find a broad range of options including adventure, art & architecture, beach, castles, culture, family, food & wine, last minute travel, luxury, religious tours, rest & relaxation, romance & honeymoons and vacations below $1,500. You can also search by vacation types like cruises, all-inclusive resorts, bed & breakfast, escorted tours and rail travel. Go online and let Great Vacations search tools help you select the perfect adventure.LeopardAfter you book your trip you’ll likely search through travel guides and make note of which special attractions you want to see. You might also buy luggage and begin to think about packing. Packing seems so easy, right? Throw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and board a plane, but as easy as it seems, many travelers tend to forget items when packing.

Some oversights, like toothpaste, toothbrushes and razors, are relatively inexpensive, but others, like a snow coat when skiing out west or a swimsuit when traveling to Bermuda, can cost you quite a bit. You can buy these items on arrival but it can be a pain to spend time driving to the store and a waste of money to buy something you already own, but just forgot.

Imagine renting a convertible in Florida and then forgetting to pack hats for the ride down the coast. There you are driving down to Key West on a ninety-degree day without any protection from the blazing, hot sun. You paid extra money for the convertible but can’t enjoy it. So what will you do? Most likely you’ll choose one of three options; you’ll put the top back up, risk sunburn or spend hours driving around in search of baseball caps.Indonesia

So how do you ensure you won’t forget anything vital on your trip? The answer is quite simple. Picture the day from start to finish and write down everything you think you might need. It may sound silly, but if you aren’t sure what you need Google for “what to bring on vacation” or “what to take on a safari” and make a cheat sheet that you can review while packing.sceneryThis can actually be quite helpful if you are traveling to a place you’ve never been before or participating in a sport you’ve never tried. Going on a ski vacation for the first time? You can find packing lists that include not only what you might use but also how many of each item you might want to pack. You’d be surprised how many young children lose their gloves on the slopes.

As you gather your belongings double check the list and then ask your significant other or friend to review it. While the list should certainly include big things like clothing and swimsuits, don’t forget the smaller often forgotten items like Band-Aids, pain relievers, sunscreen and even Q-tips.

The goal is to arrive at your destination with everything in hand. Then you can lounge by the pool, swim in the ocean, snowboard down mountains, dine on fabulous food or sightsee. If you pack properly you won’t waste time searching for stores and paying full price for something you already own.

The easiest way to save money on vacation is to write a list and check it twice. It’ll ensure you have everything you need right in your suitcase. With everything at hand you can enjoy the adventure you planned for without stopping for necessities.