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PromosPro Are Proud to Announce Our Contest Winners For The Mobile App Review and the Coupon Upload Challenge

We are proud to announce our contest winners for the Mobile App Review and the Coupon Upload Challenge.

First, we must thank all of our participants for being loyal customers. Second, we must highlight the fact that your feedback will allow us to improve our website, App and overall service.  We hope you know how much we value you as a customer and we truly appreciate your time.

With any further due, here are our contest winners. Please make sure you send us an e-mail with your PayPal account e-mail in order receive credit. Our winners were chosen based on the level of quality feedback.

Coupon Upload Winners:

1st place:       Mark David

2nd Place:       Empee Espero

3rd Place:      Saxon B

App Reviews:

1st Place:        Dwan Scott

2nd Place:       Chloe Galassi

3rd Place:       Raver Lil

App and website Review/ Survey Contest:


In order to get rewarded please tag us on Facebook (Mandatory so we know it is really you!) & *NOTE* Please EMAIL with your PayPal e-mail to get awarded.

1st Place:        Megan Duetta

2nd Place:       David DeMarco (AppleID)

3rd Place:       Valentina De La Fe

4th Place:       Philpok17 (AppleID)

5th Place:       Stacy1122 (AppleID)

6th Place:       Natalia Bello

7th Place:       Alicia Lissie

8th Place:       VivFerro (AppleID)

9th Place:       Andrea Susana Mantilla

10th Place:     Lotsovphun (AppleID)

Thank you for participating.