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Apple TV, guarantees you maximum entertainment

appletvApple TV is one of the products in the Apple range of products that guarantees you maximum entertainment. This TV allows you to stream TV shows and movies from the iTunes store on your HDTV. The purchases that are made on rental basis are stored in the cloud even though this content may be moved to other devices that run on iOS if you want to view them offline. This TV comes with the 1080p support, a user interface that is redesigned a single core A5 processor and an iCloud video support. Otherwise, the device is more less the same as its predecessor, the Apple TV. Even then, it is important to understand that the device will only work with other iOS devices.

In terms of design, the Apple TV takes its design from its predecessor, which is a simple and inconspicuous black box that has a small white light at the front that comes on when it is in use. The box has a number of connection options that include the optical audio output, HDMI that is the only video connection option, Ethernet and Micro USB. If you have a wireless home network, then you can take advantage of the 802.11n built in Wi-Fi. The panel is big enough to accommodate all these connections without being crowded. The power supply is also built in effectively eliminating the need for a bulky power adapter. The TV comes with a minimalist remote that has the menu button as well as the pause and play button that are just enough to help you navigate.

User Interface
The Apple TV user interface is among the few improvements that came with this device. Unlike the old device that had the menu items listed, this new device has a large cover art spread across the top with numerous square icons for the TV shows, movies, music, settings and computers at the bottom. Other services that are supported by Apple TV are listed at the bottom giving it the typical iPhone or iPad look. The iTunes interface is also updated with the capability of being able to view and select specific content.

If you are expecting pictures that are richer and sharper due to the 1080p support then you may as well be disappointed because the difference is almost unnoticeable. Even then, the image quality is great.

iTunes Store
The selection of content on the Apple TV is great There are numerous movies and TV shows that you can choose from at different costs. For instance, the TV shows on HD can be accessed at $3 and $2 for SD while movies can be rented at $5 while purchases can be made at the cost of $10 and $20. The content is streamed but may also be re-watched later. Moreover, you can transfer your movies and TV shows to your other Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

This review will be incomplete without a mention of the Airplay feature that is undoubtedly the best of all the Apple TV features. This is because it allows you to stream your content from other iOS to your Apple TV. This is inclusive of third party applications effectively allowing you to enjoy streaming from other applications like Pandora among others. Even then, this is selective as not all applications support it.

Although the Apple TV has incorporated a number of improvements from its previous version, the changes are minimal and near noticeable. Even then, overall it is better than the previous versions hence worth owning.