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Are Roses Worth the Splurge?

For the last year or so, Stop and Shop has had this great deal on a half dozen roses for $5. Every week, I’d pick them up and enjoy the opportunity to have a little greenery in my house that I wouldn’t normally splurge on. So when I visited my stomping ground this past weekend, imagine my surprise when my weekly pick-me-up was $12.99!!! Yes, for six mediocre looking roses, the price as $12.99! I stood there in shock, wondering if this was a mistake, when it dawned on me: we’re close to Valentine’s Day. I’m being price gouged.

So the question is, are Valentine’s roses worth the splurge?  It’s only once a year, right? And a dozen red roses is a beautiful sight, no matter what time of year it is. Well, I visited my go-to resource on money, The Business Insider, for answers. And what I found is a little shocking.

They’re Going to Cost How Much?

According the Business Insider, $2 billion will be spent on flowers this Valentine’s Day and about 60% will be on roses. And yes, the price of roses skyrocket on Valentine’s Day by 100%! You can spend upwards to a $100 at a florist on a dozen long stem roses. Long stems do equal a higher price and will usually come from a florist. The chief difference between a florist’s rose and a grocer’s rose is that the florists will be much fresher and offer the “long stem.” Grocery stores can also offer lower prices because they don’t deliver and the packaging will be less…well, florid, or fancy.

Those Working Conditions, Though…

You may be shocked to learn that roses come countries with poor working conditions, most likely Colombia or Ecuador. There is also a chance that your rose was cut by a child in the workforce. Child labor or not, these workers are exploited with 20 hour work days in close proximity with cancer causing toxins. Women are forced to prove that they are not pregnant or sterile and are faced with hostile, abusive work environments.

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You don’t want to support an exploitive industry. Remember, you, the customer are also being exploited by being charged astronomical prices for a flower. And anyway, roses are so cliche! Buy something unexpected like tulips or daisies. You can still be creative with flowers and if you arrange the bouquet yourself, your loved one might find it a very sweet gesture. And if you’re going to spend big bucks anyway, go with something more exotic like a calla lily.

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Where Should I Buy?

If time is of the essence, a great option is to browse bouquets online at sites like 1800Flowers or ProFlowers. They outsource the arrangement to a place nearby, who delivers the arrangement. If you go this route you should do two things. 1.) Check for a coupon 2.)Find out who is doing the arrangement. If the arrangement is not what is promised, you can call them directly.