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Are You Solar Eclipse Ready? Tips for Viewing with Kids

Even though I live in a very small town in the North Georgia mountains, it just so happens our little town is right in the path of totality of the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Our tiny town has been mentioned on all the local new stations down in Atlanta, but we even made Good Morning America the other day. Suddenly, everyone is talking about our little town, and the people who live here are going crazy.

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Because they are telling us to expect anywhere from 60,000 – 100,000 visitors this weekend, I have to find a fun, creative way to view the eclipse with my kids. And, because most of the country will be able to see some part of the solar eclipse, I figured you all might like some tips on viewing the solar eclipse with kids too!

  • Make Sure You are Prepared for Viewing – Proper viewing of the solar eclipse means you need to have the right equipment. Whether you make your own solar viewing box, (thank you, Pinterest!), or you opt for NASA approved solar eclipse glasses, make sure you are ready when the big day gets here. If you haven’t ordered your glasses yet, be sure to check out these promo codes. They have a 4 pack of solar eclipse glasses for just $6.99!

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  • Find the Perfect Spot for Viewing – In our area, we are blessed to be surrounded by gorgeous mountains and lakes, and tons of places to view the eclipse. Because they’re calling for so many people to be in our little town, though, we’ve opted to stay home that day. There’s a large field at the end of our road, so we may walk down there to catch the eclipse. Or, we may just stay home. After all, we’ve got a clear view of the  sun all afternoon long right from our wraparound deck. Whether you want to brave the crowds or keep to yourself, pick the perfect spot and get ready to watch a once in a lifetime experience!


  • Pack Snacks – Make a picnic lunch, pack your child’s favorite snacks, and make sure you have plenty of water on hand. Depending on where you are, it may be extremely hot outside, so keep yourself hydrated and full so you can enjoy the entire eclipse.


  • Get Comfy! – Depending on how long your child’s attention span is, you could technically watch the solar eclipse for several hours on Monday. Make sure you have somewhere comfy to sit and watch the eclipse. These Camping World discounts can help you save up to 55% off a purchase of camping chairs. That way, you can stock up on enough chairs for everyone, and settle in to make memories with your kids.

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  • Stay Safe – Don’t let your kids watch the eclipse without proper glasses or a viewing box. Protect those sweet eyes. Also, be sure to load your entire family up with sunscreen and reapply as necessary since you’ll be out in the sun all day.

No matter what you do, enjoy this special day with your children. I hope these tips help you prepare for the solar eclipse and make the day even more special. Have fun making those memories!