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Astrological Fashion That Fits Your Personality

Astrology is, at the very least, fun. While some people believe you can predict the curve of your life based on the alignment of the stars at your birth, almost everyone knows their Zodiac sign and how to check out a horoscope in the paper.

On the fun side of things, SunFrog has an entire line of tees and other tops featuring character traits of each individual zodiac sign. Look up your own, or consider it as a unique gift for a birthday, graduation or other event. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 10% off promotion!



Aries are motivated, optimistic and energetic. They’re also, however, a little bit impatient to get there, and can experience mood swings along the way. So the next time you tell one to keep calm for whatever reason, expect a tirade.



Those born under Taurus are natural followers in a good way. If you have a good idea, they’ll scaffold on it, making an entire plan come to life. But they’re likely to do it on their own, as it’s their way or the highway. Sometimes, stubbornness is something to be celebrated.



Geminis are fun. They’re creative, witty and adaptable to so many situations. They also tend to have a deep seated wanderlust as they love to meet new people, do new things and see new places. So keeping a relationship with one can be a challenge. To top it off, you have to be on top of your game with wit to keep them interested, keep up with demands that can seem superficial and then deal with some potential jealousy issues further down the line.

But they’re so much fun.



While it’s true that Cancers can be clingy, they also have a lot of character traits that make them good people to have in your life. They may demand a lot out of your relationship, but they’ll be very responsive to your needs, too. They’re dependable, loyal and trustworthy through and through.



Where Aries have a hard time keeping calm, Leos can help keep you calm. That’s because they’re social creatures that love helping others. The fact that they’re so willing to genuinely help in any way they can attracts others en masse, which is perfectly fine with a Leo, who loves being in the center of things.



Virgos don’t approach problems emotionally; they approach them analytically. Their logical approach often provides solutions that are on-point, but can be painful to hear!



Libras are all about justice and equality always, but especially when it comes to themselves.Treat them fairly, or you’ll hear about it. Mistreat someone around you, and you’re likely to hear from the Libras in the crowd, too.



Scorpios are fierce. Fiercely independent, fiercely driven, fiercely passionate, fiercely protective and fiercely jealous. In their world of extremes, there’s never a dull moment.



Sagittarius are very generous people, but also very blunt. Don’t take offense; they mean no harm.



You know that person who tries to tell you how your life could be better if you just did XYZ? Check and see if they’re a Capricorn. They’re all about safe, regimented, long-term plans, and mean well when they propose a similar plan to you. Though they can be control freaks. So they might not let up after the first time you shut their plan for you life down.



Aquarius, a rebel at heart, goes against the grain for the greater good. Despite being counter-culture, they’re very good with people, and are very good at progressing noble causes.



We love this artsy rendering for Pisces. More than any other sign, they’re drawn to music, theater, poetry and art. If there is some emotion to be lived, they will live it fully, and be compassionate to others along the way who are experiencing their own emotional journeys.