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At Airsoft GI Avail 20% Off Your Purchases

Have you always been interested in the airsoft guns? But dismissed the thought thinking they are expensive. Then this is the time to realize your dream. The Airsoft GI has come-up with amazing deal of 20% off your purchase. This deal has won the company a long list of happy customers as now they can own the airsoft guns of their choice. Some of the popular choices available for a discount of 20% are:

  1. AGM completr metal or fake wood MP-001 bolt action sniper-rifle airsoft gun is now available for $46.56 instead of $58.20.
  2. AGM metal or real wood Airsoft Gun MP44 AEG can now be owned for $179.96 instead of $224.95.
  3. The AGM full metal M4 CQB AEG Airsoft Gun is now available at Airsoft GI for $139.68 as opposed to its original price of $174.60. This surely makes it a buy now thing.
  4. AGM full stock-spring shotgun airsoft gun can be owned for a price of merely $23.27 in place of $29.09.
  5. Buy the Airsoft Gun AGM metal MKII Sten AEG for $131.92, instead of $164.90.
  6. Own the AGM metal M4 CQB Stubby w/Crane Stock Airsoft Gun originally priced as $174.59 only for the $139.67.

Airsoft GI

There are lot many guns options available to choose from. You will surely be able to find the gun of your choice. This spotlight deal has been much awaited by the lovers of airsoft guns. This spotlight deal is valid on the airsoft gun accessories of all types, brands and make. As airsoft gun is not a toy, some accessories and safety is a must to ensure happy and safe experience. Here are some options for the airsoft guns accessories at affordable prices:

  1. Mechanix Wear Original Gloves are available for $23.74 instead of $24.99. This means the saving of 5%.
  2. Pantac 1000D Cordura Spec Op Plate carrier is available in Medium /Multicam /Tactical Vest sizes available for $106.16 instead of $117.95. This translates into 9.95% savings.
  3. Pantac 1000D Cordura Spec Ops Tactical Gun Case Medium is available in black and coyote. As against the original price of $141.95 you can now own it for $127.76. This means the saving of 9.99%.

As if these deals were not enough to lure the buyers and airsoft gun lovers, there are many more deals announced by the Airsoft GI. There is 10% discount on the entire order or 12% of the entire order. These deals can be known by simply checking on the dedicated portals that announces the deals and coupons the minute they are floated by the companies or retailers. You just need to subscribe to the newsletter or updates.

The Airsoft GI came into being around 2003 and since then growing bounds and leaps. They are the biggest manufacturers of airsoft guns. The knowledgeable and customer friendly employees have helped them grow big. They are the only store that features the ‘self-tech’ area so that the people interested can test the guns before they actually buy them.