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AT&T Releases a New Developer API–Call Management API


AT&T, a globally leading wireless communication service provider, has announced the launch of various new developer APIs, including a new Call Management API during the AT&T Developer Summit at Las Vegas.  It also announced that the developers working on their platform will get innovative APIs which will open up new avenues for the technologically-oriented developer community.

The new Call Management API, which is still in the beta stage, provides a chance for the developers to come up with innovative applications to access multiple devices using an individual’s AT&T mobile number. The company said that it aims to bring about a transparent collaboration with the developer community with its novel API programs. The AT&T developer summit, with more than 2500 attendees, is expected to bring out the best opportunities for the developer community.

According to AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer, David Christopher, the AT&T Call Management API allows the developer to add real-time, voice and text communications to web and mobile apps using a single mobile number. The API, which is still in its Beta testing mode, is powered by two innovative platforms— Ericsson’s IMS Innovation Platform and Voxeo Labs’ Tropo Platform. It is also based on WebRTC, which enables browsers to conduct real-time communications such as voice calling or video chats. The developers can use any programming language of their preference like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Groovy to make their application stand out for voice and text services in the web and mobile.


Being one of the largest providers of mobile internet and cloud-based service, AT&T has a powerful resource base to pool in and to extract the best from the market. Embedding Tropo to the AT&T platform will enable the developers to do wonders in the voice and text application management platform. This also optimizes the use of delivery networks and cloud resources which directly enhances the performance of the APIs. In addition, AT&T has announced a new Alpha API program to allow developers to offer ideas for new APIs. As a result, APIs will be able to be sponsored into Alpha form from their parties to increase collaboration and innovation.

AT&T’s collaboration with Voxeo Labs will help the company to have strategic ties with strong players in the telecom industry and related environment which is rapidly migrating to “over-the-top” (IP-based) platforms.

The company also announced that developers can trigger one million API calls per month on the AT&T API Platform for USD 99 on an annual basis–a great value. Currently, AT&T APIs are made available to other developers on different platforms through various application development tool-kits like Microsoft Visual Studio, Salesforce Platform, IBM Worklight, Appcelerator Titanium and Adobe PhoneGap platforms etc. Along with this, the company is also planning to come up with innovative APIs for different latitudes like Advertising and Finance during its first quarter.