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AT&T’s U-verse services—Enjoy your Entertainment Beyond Amazing

AT&T reported $9.5 billion revenue in Q3 2012, yielding 38.3 percent gain compared to same time last year and 6.1 percent compared to second quarter of 2012. Wireline voice business is a strong part of AT&T’s revenue. Phone line DSL lost 655,000 connections and 42,000 broadband subscribers. Voice-over-IP, video and broadband are accounting for 59 percent of total wireline revenues for AT&T as they grow linearly by about 8 percent year to year.

Let us see what AT&T U-verse is all about, what features it offers and how it compares to other providers.

AT&T U-verse is a IP based platform which brings TV entertainment and voice services over high speed internet connection.

AT&T Uverse DVR

AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR (Digital Video Recorder) offers video recording of up to 4 programs at once. All recordings happen while you watch TV so there is no interruption. DVR can be rented from AT&T for $7 a month, but if you have the right AT&T smartphone, you can record, or program recording remotely and up to 14 days in advance. AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR is one of the best Digital Video Recording facilities in United States today. Its main competitor is TiVO.

AT&T Uverse Voice

AT&T U-verse Voice offers VoIP (Voice Over IP) telephone services, so instead of land line connection, your phone works over the internet connection. AT&T U-verse Voice offers all usual service feature you’re already used to; Voicemail, Call Waiting ID, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, etc. Some of the advanced features thrown in for free are Web Access Call Logs, Mail, Click to Call and Call History on TV, Fax/Modem Support, Safe Call Forwarding, Unified Messaging (voicemail of both AT&T cell phone and home phone), Battery Backup, and Do Not Disturb service. Locate Me is especially attractive service also enabled for free. It phones other numbers you have programmed into your ring to find you and it also sends email and SMS.

AT&T Uverse package

Basic AT&T package starts at $25 for 250 minutes or unlimited calling for mere $30. Second line will only cost you $15. Brinks Security works with AT&T so if you signup with Brinks you don’t have to pay for extra line. AT&T’s own VoIP grid can transmit alarm signals safely.


AT&T U-verse Internet is best in United States second only to Verizon’s FiOS FTTP. The fastest package offered is 18Mb/s down and 1.5Mb/s up. AT&T U-verse services are vast in comparison to many providers’ services, so ordering a package deal always saves a bundle.

AT&T Uverse TV

AT&T U-verse TV is TV offered in SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) via internet connection. In essence TV is aired over fttp (fiber-to-the-premises) connection rather than cable. AT&T major competitor is country’s larger wireless provider Verizon. Verizon delivers faster internet connection via fttp, but offers less services than AT&T and is more expensive. AT&T has a large infrastructure of wire services and fiber optics which makes it more flexible and cost efficient.

AT&T offers packages starting at $49 monthly including all your local stations and some 100 channels all of which are available in HD and are customizable. No contract is necessary despite the complexity of the installation.

Comcast Spotlight has integrated AT&T U-verse TV into I+ (Interconnects Plus) platform currently in 21 large cities. This is great news for AT&T as this deal enables larger amount of homes to receive theirs ads. Comcast Spotlight is a large cable network with over 34 million subscribers. AT&T’s U-verse TV subscription base is of some 4.4 million people and AT&T’s U-verse High-Speed amounts to 7.1 million customers.

AT&T U-verse has a great future as it is competitive in price and technology. Price of AT&T Uverse services always beats Comcast’s or Time Warner’s prices and even though Verizon’s technology may enable higher speeds AT&T Uverse manages to compete on pricing and grow substantially each year. More rebates are rolling in every day as AT&T U-verse aims to buy out competitor’s contracts especially ones of cable companies.