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Winter Boots We Love…and Can Afford

Warm Boots We love our UGGs…who doesn’t? But sometimes, we don’t love the price. On the one hand, they are a worthy investment in that they last, and more importantly, don’t go out of style. We even love them with shorts during the cooler spring months. But wait, it’s January, which means they must be… Continue reading Winter Boots We Love…and Can Afford

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Taking Advantage of Winter Sales!

Check the promotions folder of your inbox! You spend all that time buying for others, and now…? Now is the time to shop…and after all, most of us are looking at another few months of chilly weather. Now is a great time to grab coats, booties, or even lighter weight transitional pieces, like flowing tops… Continue reading Taking Advantage of Winter Sales!

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How to “Keep” Your Resolution to Save Money

At some point, this has topped all of our lists as a New Year’s Resolution. Come January 1st, we have money on the brain. After all, we’d just spend a lot of it on Christmas gifts, dusting off the credit cards, or just adding to a mountain of debt. Tax season is about to be… Continue reading How to “Keep” Your Resolution to Save Money

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New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

You don’t have to create a strict routine for yourself. And you definitely do not have to set unrealistic goals for yourself, only to give up when you veer off course. But, if you can knock out one of these things this year, you’ve made it a good year. 1. Be Kinder This does not… Continue reading New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

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Finding a Winter Coat on Sale

If you held out over the holidays and did not buy yourself the store, you did the right thing. Stores are going crazy right now because come January, NY Fashion Week will be in full effect and the stores are looking ahead toward Spring. Now is the perfect time to give your winter wardrobe a… Continue reading Finding a Winter Coat on Sale

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What to Do During Winter Break

Your child might have anywhere from one to two weeks off this winter. What to do with all this time? The holidays can be quite stressful and many of us will be glad when it’s over. But, don’t let the stress take away from the time you get to spend with your family. If you’re… Continue reading What to Do During Winter Break

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How to Have an Easy Christmas Brunch

The holidays are just too stressful. If you do the big Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner, it can feel impossible to actually enjoy yourself. Even if you split the holidays with family, or rotate, dinner is inherently a lot of work. But, do you know what is so much easier? Brunch. And if… Continue reading How to Have an Easy Christmas Brunch

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Green Monday is Here!

Green Monday is the sister of Cyber Monday. It’s called Green Monday because it’s the day you save the most green. Some say that the sales are even BETTER than Cyber Monday simply because we are two weeks closer to Christmas and the race to finish your shopping is on. Every store wants your business… Continue reading Green Monday is Here!

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Keeping Your Sanity While Hanging Xmas Lights

Plan your design. Do. Not. Wing. It. Really, trust us. Everyone will see your house lit up and every day that you pull in your driveway, you’ll curse the lopsided-ness of your overall design. To avoid that, begin by picking a focal point. Start with the home itself by focusing on columns or an entry… Continue reading Keeping Your Sanity While Hanging Xmas Lights

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Doing Holiday Crafts on the Cheap

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It’s a rather stressful time–worrying about money to buy gifts, actual time it takes to buy gifts, the time it takes to wrap them. Then there’s the parties–suddenly your weekend–your sacred time, has become about managing parties, baking, shopping, and… Continue reading Doing Holiday Crafts on the Cheap

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Your 2016 Toy Guide

Shopkins We love Shopkins because of the fact that there are several “seasons” of Shopkins, so if what you’re looking for gets sold out, there is always another option. The best part about this gift? They won’t break the bank. Check out what’s new with the Shopkins craze, because there are always new characters coming… Continue reading Your 2016 Toy Guide

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Best Black Friday Deals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…sale time!  Whether you’re a Black Friday shopper, or not, more and more stores are expanding Black Friday Deals well beyond Friday itself. Many stores have already released their Black Friday ads so that you can do your research. If we have one piece of advice this year,… Continue reading Best Black Friday Deals