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Avoid Autobilling Scams

Free isn’t always free. Sometimes you will come across offers from online companies to send you a free item for just the cost of shipping. While this may sound awesome – you may end up paying far more than just that shipping and handling fee.

Sometimes the company really is honest and sends you a product with no strings attached. But, most of the time those offers you see on television to visit a website for a new and amazing product is really just out to scam you – and millions of other people. The reason this type of practice is technically ‘legal’ is because you must opt-in to the auto-shipping and billing before making the purchase.

What happens is that you will fill out all of your information and then be directed to a page where you must choose an option: pay full price for the item OR pay the shipping and handling fee only if you sign up for auto-delivery and billing. Sometimes this option is written in a way that confuses customers. If the agreements are confusing, avoid signing up.

What happens is that you are sometimes charged full price for the item up front, then auto-billed again without your knowledge or permission. While the website states you will only be billed if you do not return the trial item within a certain number of days, your time to return actually begins to run out the day you order! That means your return time will be almost gone even before your product reaches your home!

If you forget to cancel your auto-billing with these companies before the time is up, you will be billed, sometimes for a large amount. Most of these ‘free trial’ offers have expensive prices for the full size products. You will receive a monthly bill or have the money debited from your credit or bank account – sometimes without your prior knowledge.

The best way to avoid this sort of scam is to carefully read all of the information on the website before placing any of your billing information into the website. If you must enter your credit card or banking information before reaching information regarding the auto-pay program – leave the website. Do not enter credit card or other personal information before you can find out anything about the product! If you do, you are risking multiple charges on your account.

Trusted online retailers do not offer this type of scam. Well established brands have no need to trick consumers into buying their product monthly. If a brand has a good reputation, customers tell their friends and the retailer will see increased sales from happy customers. They have no need to resort to such trickery!

Always follow the tips that were provided by professional Financial experts in order to avoid finding multiple or fraudulent charges on your financial statements. You can find more information in theirs informative articles on how to protect your personal information online because reader’s online privacy is important to them and they will try their best to help you.