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Awesome Maternity Halloween Costumes

If you’re expecting and you’re showing, we know how hard it can be to find Halloween costumes that aren’t just spooky ponchos. If you want something that celebrates your baby bump rather than attempting to hide it this Halloween, check out these rad options:

The Sleepy Hollow Skeleton Baby


We love this play on the X-ray maternity shirt that’s been around for a few years now. It’s just the right mix of spooky, fun and laid back—perfect for trick-or-treating with your other kiddos. Pick it up today at Teepublic.

The Death Star Bun in the Oven


You could try dressing up as a pregnant Amidala, but this Star Wars themed costume is just so much easier! Take advantage of your bump by simply downloading and printing this affordable, iron on Death Star to any maternity shirt already in your closet. Don’t forget to check out the iconic phrase to iron on the back: “That’s no moon.”

As with many things fun and creative, you can find this easy peasy costume on Etsy.

Totes Creepy Emerging Fetus


Also available on Etsy, this costume is a little bit more hard core, but just as awesome. With the baby’s limbs poking out of your stomach, you’re sure to get some double takes and garner attention. The baby is available in other races—not just caucasian. And the shirt comes in a wide variety of colors, so if you’re tired of the monochromatics above, this could be perfect.

In Case You Get Accused of Burglary


This Etsy tee is super smart. Simple. Understated. But still giggle-inducing. If you have some dry wit you want to show off, this is definitely a costume you’ll want to consider.

Bonus? The sides are ruched, and everyone knows that ruching is every pregnant woman’s best friend.



Our final Etsy pick is a bit more classic and cutesy, which again, will make it perfect for trick-or-treating with the family or wearing out day-to-day this month. With three different options, happy girl with a bow, happy (presumably) boy without a bow, and the straight evil jack-o-lantern face over your tummy, there’s an option to fit everyone.


Pregnant Pirate Queen

Want something that’s more of a costume and less of a tee? These options can be hard to come by, but we’ve found some for you! The first is a pirate costume from Halloween Express. You won’t be just any pirate, though—you’ll be their queen. The only bummer about this one is that it’s only constructed to fit through the sixth month of pregnancy. If you’re beyond that, you’ll be limited to the fun tees above or the traditional poncho costume that most Halloween stores sell.

Expectant Angel

Another great pick from Halloween Express, this angel costume comes complete with wings, halo and dress. You’ll have to pick up the stockings and shoes separately, but that could be a blessing. If your feet are swelling, there’s a good chance you won’t want to be wearing those killer heels all night!

This costume is also only fitted for up to the sixth month of pregnancy.