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If you are planning to go for baby shopping but have no time to step out, log on to which has an endless list of products on the display from baby diapers, shoes, clothes, wet pants, blankets and what not! also stores doctors’ recommended medical products which are at times not available at a local departmental store. It is one of the largest baby stores that hold a niche market share when it comes to baby product industry and is known to be a diverse retailer. The online store offers everything that a family requires when it comes to taking care of their new born. The store’s main focus is on cloth diapers, however the online store also offers a vivid variety of other products designed to make parenting easy!

Cotton Babies is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and the online store with administrative operations run out at another office located near Meremac River in South St. Louis. has opened three retail locations in the last few years out of which two are located at St. Louis and the third one in Vancouver, Canada. is owned by Jennifer Labit, who makes sure that every product, especially the cloth diapers industry, is grown. She was one of the founding chairpersons of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)6 trade association which was especially created for cloth diaper retailers, manufacturers, diaper services, media and other parties in order to protect their interest in the cloth diaper industry. Under the leadership of such a magnificent and diverse board, the RDIA is healthy and growing rapidly towards expanding consumer awareness of cloth diapers and support industry. is also focused on raising the benchmark of excellence in the baby products industry with latest trends, creative designs, comfort clothing and innovative marketing approaches. The company’s goals have been a significant addition to the continued growth of the cloth diaper market with a vision to reduce waste and raise the standard of living in all communities.’s market strategy to approach local families is targeted, and adequately designed, to get cloth diapers in the hands of the less fortunate. also donates cloth diapers to thousands of missionaries through their Diaper Grant Program. continuously works towards improvements and is always in a process of creating options and vivid variety of baby products, the online store has expanded from the cloth diapering world to creating room for more unique people. So log on to Cotton Babies and look for that comfortable, eco-friendly cloth diaper and baby products for your new born.