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Back to School: 3 Ways to Save Money While Moving

It’s almost time to head back to campus and start another year of grueling education. Don’t you just wish you could blink and have your new dorm or apartment all moved into and set up? If only it worked that way. Luckily, you can thwart some of the annoying costs of moving with some clever and easy tricks.

Depending on how far away home is from school, some of these tips may apply to you more than others. But first thing’s first: you have to figure out how to get you – and your stuff – back to school.

You could move by taking your friend’s car on six to seven trips back and forth from your parents’ house to the dorms, but that’s a waste of time, gas, and most of all, money. Save yourself the trouble and resign to renting a truck. You won’t regret it.

One of the most ubiquitous truck rental companies is Budget Truck Rentals. They’ve been in business for years because they’re trustworthy, reliable, and affordable. We can help you make Budget Truck Rentals even more affordable with coupons, but for the trip from your house to the school, it’s going to be budget-friendly either way.

If you live far away from your college, there are services out there that will assist you in moving back. Whether it’s across state lines or across the country, U-Pack is the master of long-distance moving. Right now, you can go to their website and enter your starting location and destination for a quick quote. Figuring out how much it’s going to cost to move is the first step in saving money!

Regardless of how far away you have to move, you can still save up to $25 off of your U-Pack reservation with coupon codes and promotions. After that, it’s time to start thinking about boxes because you have a lot of packing to do.

The best, most underrated place to look for boxes is Craigslist. Not everyone trashes their cardboard boxes when they move (just me, I guess) and usually want to offload them quickly once they’re unpacked. Frequently you’ll see boxes for free on Craigslist. That beats the $10 per pack of four they have at shipping stores!

Once you get to your digs, the most important part of moving becomes staying organized. Don’t let your new space get destroyed by unsystematic unpacking. If you need to buy some organizational tools to help you not mess this up, prioritize it. Nothing is worse than spending hours packing and organizing only to have everything fall into disarray as soon as you unpack.

Simple, small pieces like these can totally revolutionize the way you live – seriously! Just imagine all of the space you could save by adding this many cubbies and pockets and shelves to your room. Best of all, you can find this at Lowes, and save up to 15% with coupons.

For everything else you could possibly need, there’s only one place you need to go: Bed Bath & Beyond. Once you take your first solo trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, you’re truly an adult. Besides, you survived your move back to college – what else is there to accomplish?