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Back to School Cool Part II

Last week we focused on a few key essentials to begin gathering your early fall wardrobe. Right now is a great time to shop because of the massive sales happening and this late summer stuff will get you started in early fall. You won’t be in sweaters and turtlenecks until November, so start slow and don’t spend it all in one place! Last week we gave you tops and today, we’re going to focus on staple bottoms that will build your wardrobe.

When thinking about pairing and matching, the rule for this year is: mix your patterns and don’t be afraid of color. Fall is no longer about shades of brown. For example, try a patterned skirt. If you have the means, this Missoni skirt never goes out of style. If not, use it as your inspiration. Also hot are small florals (we told you before, the nineties are back). This skirt is is $880 from


And don’t stop there–patterned and floral jeans are being seen all over Hollywood. You can do them in a neutral, or in bolder colors like muted pinks and greens. Kristin Stewart nails the look in a staple black and white here:

Floral jeans can still work for fall! Just trade in your pastel prints for ones in darker hues.

But if you’re looking for something more tame, try these cuties from Yoox.

LIU •JO JEANS - Casual pantsUP ★ JEANS - Casual pantsMY PAIR of JEANS - Denim pants

And finally, since femme is in, try a long, flowing skirt to pair with a punk rock t-shirt and ankle boots. We like this one, pictured below, for its versatility. We also definitely love this look with a cropped sweater. So soft and feminine and just a little bit sexy. Florals, stripes, and tribal prints are in (and are they really ever out?). Pair with some funky or chunky jewelry to edge out the look a little bit and take you deep into the fall! Pair with slouchy knee socks and riding boots in October to eek out all the where.  This skirt is from British department store, BHS for 25 pounds, or about $40.

Red Tile Print Midi Skirt