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Back-to-School Deals for Moms

You’ve done it. You’ve bought the colored pencils and clothes. You’ve packed the lunches. New kicks are on their feet and backpacks are slung over shoulders. You’ve loaded the little ones onto the bus.

You can breathe now. You’ve earned some much deserved R&R for the next six hours while they’re away. Soon the school year will be picking up and there will be classroom events to attend, papers to sign, and field trips to chaperone. But for the next couple of hours, you have time to yourself.

Businesses know this. And they want to help you destress as much as possible. In certain niches, there are some pretty impressive back-to-school deals for mom. Here are some places to look so you can take advantage. Don’t feel like calling around to see who has the discounts? Check out Groupon in your area to find some killer deals.



Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves? Around this time of year, spas tend to offer discounts on their services to get moms in the door. Whether you want a back massage, a facial or a mani-pedi, shop the deals in your area to save some big bucks.



Prefer to get your mani-pedi at a salon? No problem. Those tend to offer great back-to-school discounts, too. Plus, you can get your hair styled in the same trip in most cases. Highlights? Check. Trim? Check. Savings? Check. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Waxing Studios


If you’ve let your legs or other areas—ahem—go while you’ve been running around shopping like a mad woman, let us be the bearers of good news: waxing studios tend to hop onto the self-care for mom discount train, too. Plus, you’re busy. Getting a wax will last alot longer and free up more time compared to shaving.


Young woman measuring waist, mid section, close-up
Young woman measuring waist, mid section, close-up

Coolsculpting is the latest rage. It uses cold lasers to disrupt the cell membrane of fat cells, allowing you to lose inches just by attending a set of 30-minute sessions. This treatment can be found in a number of places included doctor’s offices, spas and plastic surgery centers. All of these places tend to offer discounts around this time of year for this specific service.

Yoga Studios


Yoga serves two benefits: it helps you find inner peace and does your body good. This is especially true if you decide to do hot or Bikram yoga.

As the weather changes, many studios will be offering discounts to help moms stay in shape now that they finally have a little bit of time in their day-to-day schedules without kids in tow.



Want to catch up with a friend—sans kids? Now you can actually do just that over lunch. While some restaurants do offer back-to-school deals or specials, they’re not usually targeted specifically at mothers. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of them, though. Keep in mind that many restaurants haven’t caught on to marketing their specials this way; that doesn’t mean there’s not a myriad of Groupons available!