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Back To School Deals

In the U.S. It is time to begin thinking about back to school shopping. Whether your child is in public school, private school, or you teach them at home, this time of year will bring many deals on all sorts of school supplies. Don’t worry if your child’s teacher hasn’t sent a list of needed supplies just yet – you can stick to the basic items and come out smelling like a rose.

Know What Is Popular
Your child may want to grab a ton of things that aren’t in your price range. You should check out the trending popular items for your area and add a little extra to your budget to pick up a few popular, trendy items for your child.

Budgeting and Sales
Create a budget for school shopping and try to stick with it. The best way to stick with a budget is to hit killer sales. You can find notebook paper very cheap, sometimes as little as a few cents per pack. Buy as many as you can feasibly store – notebook paper can be used year after year. The same can be said for pencils, pens, and notebooks. Be sure to buy many different colors of notebooks, some teachers ask students to have different color notebooks in order to organize work by subject.

Don’t be too stressed out if you go over your budget. This happens to almost every parent during school shopping. Right now has many, many sales on back to school essentials and will help you stretch your budget. Some states have tax free sales of one to two weeks right before the start of school. Hit these sales – they will even carry over to online shopping.

Extra Items
Many schools are now asking parents to send extra things in with their children. Hand sanitizer, facial tissue, paper towels, and other little extras. You can find almost all of these things at discount stores or buy them in bulk online.

Keep all of your school supplies in bins or on a special shelf as your purchase them. If you can afford it, buy extras of the basics. By keeping everything organized on a shelf or in special bins, you will know what you have and how much at all times. This will also help keep products secure from little hands. Each year you can go through the bin or shelf to see what you need to buy.

All of these tips can be used for parents that teach their children at home. In addition to the regular back to school items, you will also need a curriculum. These can be purchased online or you can create your own. There are many sites where you can buy used curriculum that still are useful. Some schools also have sales of old textbooks. If you purchased used textbooks make sure to check the information in them to be positive that the educational material is not out of date. This step is very important for science text books!