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Back to School Electronics and Where to Find Them

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These days, getting your child electronics for school is just as important as buying pencils and notebooks. And, while they might need electronics for their classes, they might also need some for out-of-school as well. Of course, electronics aren’t as cheap as their non-digital counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal.

If your child has a very specific (and expensive) list of back to school items, then you just need to know where to shop. Hit up these stores online and in person to get the best deals on your child’s back to school electronics.

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Tablets and Laptops

Some children are too young to need a tablet or laptop. However, teachers are using computer apps more and more, because they aid in your child’s learning. While children might not be asked to have a tablet for school, it would help them tremendously at home when it comes to doing their homework and monitoring their own self-learning and behavior.

High school students, on the other hand, have more and more essays, projects, and Powerpoints to write up or create. Most teachers these days won’t accept handwritten essays. Therefore, your child needs something they can do their work on, without kicking everyone else off the family computer. Keep in mind, they’re also going to need a laptop to eventually start writing their college applications as well! Check out Fasttech for their weekend sales and free shipping. Here, you’ll be able to find a device that suits your child’s needs and your wallet.

Computer Accessories

If you can’t quite envision getting your child a tablet or laptop, then they will most definitely need computer accessories. These mainly include jump drives and maybe even larger external hard drives to store their work on and be able to move it from home to school, and vice versa. Kids might also need a webcam to help them record videos they might be required to create for class. You can get these items, as well as other electronics, at Target.

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If your child is moving up to middle school or high school, they will need a calculator. Typically, these calculators can be difficult to find, and they are quite expensive as well. To save you time and money, visit Staples Promotional Products. As they are one of the best office and school supply shops, you should have no trouble finding what you need here, and for a good price.


We’re not saying you need to buy your kid a smartphone. But, in today’s world, most kids need some kind of phone for their own safety and for their parents’ piece of mind. Parents and kids need to have a way of getting in touch with each another if the child is staying late after school or the parents won’t be able to meet them at the bus stop. Head to Motorola to check out the discounts they have on phones that are appropriate for your child.

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Even after the back to school necessities are taken care of, children may ask for some additional electronics to play with when the school day is over. These could include anything from an iPod, to a handheld gaming device or a computer game they are dying to play once their homework is completed. Maybe your kid wants something they can play with on the school bus or during their school vacations.  Whatever it is, any of the stores mentioned above should have what you’re looking for.

Needing to add electronics on top of an already demanding school supplies list can be a headache. Luckily, these stores will help you save some money.