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Back to School Fashion Tips

Can you believe it’s already time to start talking about back to school? My kids started back yesterday! Talk about crazy!


Because I’m in the thick of the back to school chaos, I’ll be spending this month sharing my tips on getting through this month and having a successful start to the school year.

First, I want to focus on Back to School Fashion. We all want our kids to look great, but we all can’t afford to run out and buy everything our kids want. That’s when these tips come in handy.

  • Shop Early – Don’t wait until the last minute to start shopping! Many stores, like Walmart, start putting their summer clothes on clearance right after the Fourth of July Holiday.
  • Buy for All Seasons – Your kids will start school when it’s warm, go through fall, winter, spring, and then be getting out just in time for it to get warm again. They’re going to need items for every season. Layers are a great way to stretch clothes to make it through more than one season. Be sure to stock up on enough items to get you through… but that doesn’t mean you have to buy everything! A few pieces can go a long way if you pair them wisely.
  • Need Uniforms? – You can score great deals on uniform pieces at places like Old Navy Canada. Grab the staples your kid needs to get through, and use coupons and discounts when you can to help save money.


  • Don’t Forget Shoes! If your kids are like mine, they wear their shoes out quickly! I like to watch for sales and stock up in several sizes to make sure each child is covered.
  • Set a Budget/Limit – Because I have 5 kids in school and 1 in college, I have to set a budget. Each child gets 10 new pieces of clothing each school year, along with socks and underwear. These items include 5 t-shirts, 2 dressy shirts, and 3 pairs of pants/shorts. When I add those to the clothes the kids already has, it helps me stay on budget and makes everyone happy.
  • Let Your Child’s Personality Shine – Back to school fashion is the best way to let your kid’s true personality shine through. Don’t only pick out items you’re going to like – if they see a shirt that they just love, but you can’t get past the sparkles, get it anyway. Every child is unique. Allow them to shine bright, and they’ll start their year full of confidence.

girl_styleShopping for back to school fashion doesn’t have to be a drag. Think of it as a way to spend time with your kids, learn more about their individual personality, and make memories all at the same time! I hope these tips mentioned above help you get your child’s school year off to the best possible start. Also, remember to check out PromosPro for your favorite stores to help you save even more money!

If you have tips to share, I’d love to hear about them! Leave your tips in the comments below.