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Back to School Lunch Ideas

Back to school means back to school lunches. Do your kids ever get tired of the same old, same old? Mine do! My kids are great at trading lunches with their friends: “You have peanut butter and grape jelly? I’ll trade you for my ham and cheese!”

I want lunch time to be fun for my kids. I want it to be something they look forward to every day. So, here are a few ideas I’ve come up with to make their lunch time a little more special.

back to school lunchbox

  • Invest in a fun lunchbox. Especially when they’re younger, having a fun lunchbox can make all the difference in the world. If they like what their lunch is packed in, they’ll be more likely to eat what’s inside. Walmart is a great place to buy a lunchbox that features your child’s favorite character.
  • Include a sticky note. Stock up on fun, bright colored post it notes from Staples, and leave your child a note each day. Just a “You’ve got this!” or “Make a new friend today.” Can encourage them to keep their chin up the rest of the day.

back to school lunch

  • Think outside the box… in the box! Don’t send the same sandwich every single day. Change things up. There are tons of ideas out there on the internet, get out there and do some searching. Salads in mason jars, wraps, bento boxes… the possibilities are endless. Your kids will thank you, and I’ll bet the trading lunches every day stops short!


  • Change things up now and then. Now, I don’t know how it is at your school, but my kids love to be able to buy their lunch every once in awhile. Even though they love their notes, and they love their lunch boxes, there’s just something “cool” about buying their lunch. So, once in awhile, I’ll send along some money so they can buy their lunch that day. If your child normally buys their lunch every day, send in a packed lunch once in awhile. Sometimes, just a little change can make your child happy.
  • Surprise them once in awhile. Show up with lunch from their favorite fast food restaurant. Top it off with a milkshake, and make them feel like a million bucks. Letting them know that you’re thinking of them is the biggest boost of self confidence you can give your child.

Lunch doesn’t have to be boring. Use these ideas above to make lunch a little more special for your child every day.