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Back-to-School Pokemon Gear

We’re thrilled that Pokemon is back. There’s nothing quite like sharing a mutual love for something from your childhood with your own children.

If your child is as into the craze as we are, we’ve found the best pokestop for you to pick up their pokegear for back-to-school: Target. Currently, you can save 10% on select Pokemon products, pleasing your kiddo and your pocketbook at the same time.


pokemon backpack

There are no shortage of Pokemon backpacks at Target this year! Whether you want one that personifies Pikachu, or one that looks more like a street art mashup, there’s sure to be one that fits your child’s personality and tastes. Because there’s so many options, it’s very unlikely that every other kid in their class with have the same exact backpack.

Lunch Box

pokemon lunchbox

This super durable lunch box features Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. It’s insulated, which means it will keep drinks cool and lunch meats from getting disgusting. It’s also really easy to wipe clean, zips closed, and has a contact card on the back in case your child loses it somewhere at school.


pokemon wallet

Send your kid to school with lunch money instead? They can represent their fandom, too, with this Pokemon wallet. On top of branding, it also provides your child with a secure place to keep their lunch money so it’s not just floating around in their backpack.



Counting down till lunch time and recess just got a whole lot easier with this watch, featuring Ash Ketchum. No more turning over your shoulder for the thousandth time to see how far the second hand has moved since the last time you checked. Less time spent watching the clock equals potentially more time paying attention to the teacher.



After running around in sandals all summer, it’s very likely that your child has outgrown their socks without you even noticing. If you’re going to reup anyways, you might as well do it with branding that they’ll be excited to wear. (And hopefully be excited enough about to actually keep the pairs together!)

Graphic Tees

pokemon t-shirt 2

So. Many. Tees. You’re going to want to set aside some time for browsing because there are a litany of options of graphic tees for boys. Whether they want a shirt dedicated to a specific Pokemon, or one that features all of their favorites, there are tons of trendy options and art styles to choose from.

For Girls


We can’t lie. We were more than a little disappointed that out of all the pokegear, the only items branded specifically for girls were a short-skirted Pikachu Halloween costume and this Pikachu tee. Whatever happened to Misty, for goodness’ sake?

The good news is that you don’t have to follow branding; girls can wear any of the graphic tees marketed at boys, and buy all the backpacks and lunch boxes and wristwatches and socks, too.

The Pikachu tee is cute, though. Maybe if enough are sold we’ll start seeing more options for girls in the future.