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Back-to-School STEM Shirts for Girls

This year as our back-to-school shopping gears up, we’re making a conscious effort to dress our daughters in clothing that empowers. In a world where princess tees are the norm, we want to acknowledge our girls’ potential in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. There’s nothing wrong with being a princess, but you can be a STEM major at the same time.

Some major retailers have a handful of options when it comes to STEM-inspired clothing for girls. But to be honest, most of it is geared towards boys. To help us meet our pursuit of empowering clothing, we’ve turned to Etsy, where makers are making sure our daughters know that they can do big and exciting things in high-paying fields, too.

Cute Girls’ Dino Tee

Little kids are into dinosaurs. Digging up bones of an ancient creature that no longer exists? Making the next big discovery? Paleontology is cool!

But too often we find these shirts in the boys’ section exclusively. That’s why we love that Tailwind Tees produces adorable dino shirts on Etsy. They come in pastel pinks and purples—because girls can be interested in paleontology, too.

Women in Science T-Shirt

Speaking of paleontology, did you know that the ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs were discovered by a woman? Her name was Mary Anning, and her prolific work happened during the 19th century.

She’s featured on user meganlee’s Women in Science T-Shirt along with Ada Lovelace, the world’s first programmer; Marie Curie, the first human being to win two Nobel Peace prizes in chemistry and physics; Lisa Meitner, a member of the team that discovered nuclear fission; Emma Noether, a mathematician that got Einstein’s overwhelming praise; Cecelia Payne, the astrophysicist who discovered the universe is made up of primarily hydrogen; Barbara McClintock, the Godmother of epigenetics; Rachel Carlson, the scientist who led the battle against DDT; and more.

This shirt is available for kids, women and men, so as long as your child wouldn’t be embarrassed, you could be pro-women-in-STEM twins.

Chemistry Dress

Promoting the idea that you can be “girly” and science smart, this dress makes a statement without saying a word. The attached skirt features flasks, microscopes and atomic sketches, while the understated top features a bow on the collar.

Doctor T-Shirt for Girls

Does your daughter want to be a doctor? Reinforce that she can do it! By giving her a shirt featuring a female in the field, you are affirming that her dreams can be achieved and encourage her to continue pushing those shifting cultural norms.

Kids’ Space Tardigrade Tee

Want to give your kid something fun to think about? Look up “Tardigrades in Space”! It was a program launched a few years back by German and Swedish scientists that sent Tardigrades—these nearly indestructible organisms—into space to test their hardiness.

For all you Dr. Who nerds, the program was nicknamed TARDIS.

This Girl Likes Math Tee

So often children are put into boxes. Sometimes those boxes are determined by their gender. In general, we culturally believe that our daughters are better at reading and art, while our sons are better at science and math.

That’s looney. There’s no reason a boy can’t produce a gorgeous landscape, and no reason a girl can’t solve a complex math equation. Help her conquer the prejudice—unintentional or not—that she may face in her studies by helping her boldly proclaim her interests and skills with this tee.