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Back To School Supplies That Must Be On Your List

Preparing for school earlier meant buying bag, notebooks, ring binders, paper and pens. But in today’s time where technology rules school supplies it seem like pencil cases, fun erasers and colorful binders have lost their sheen. But this is not true; just a few more things have been added to the school supplies list. Here are few things that you must include in your back to school shopping list:


Notebook and binders
The importance of notebook and binders cannot be undermined. The students don’t prefer big divider three-ring notebooks as they are hard and heavy. These students prefer wire-bound staples notebooks as these are small and fit easily in your locker. Also, students are saved from the burden of carrying heavy binders to every class, just grab the notebook that you need for the class and leave others behind in the locker. Apart from these notebooks you also need to handle some loose leaf papers. For this prefer six pocket expanding file that has a zip to keep the things well protected.

printer for student
As believed e-readers isn’t very popular with middle and high school students. And unlike college students school children are expected to print the homework rather than submitting it online. This makes it important to have printer at home. Preferably buy a machine that can scan, photocopy and print. The multi-functional printers will the lives of students easier. Also keep good quality print paper and some photograph print paper for making project work easier.

When shopping for back to school don’t forget to include stationer. These might seem simple but don’t forget to pick the best and reliable products. Some of the most important things to include are:
1.    Pen and pencils
2.    Stencils
3.    Color pens
4.    Stapler
5.    Punching machine
6.    Markers
7.    Post-it notes

Though, we just mentioned that students need to submit hard copies but keeping a pendrive is a smart idea. This allows students to make the last-minute changes to the assignment and download things. It is suggested to keep 8 GB or 16 GB pendrive to keep all your assignments and projects at one place. Leading brands are Dell and Kingston as they offer reliable products.

Smartphones are also a great back to school supply. Teachers believe that smartphones like iPhone and Android gives access to students to a large number of educational apps. These apps help students learn about all subjects in an interactive way. Also the phone calendars allow you to keep a track of the extra-curricular activities, classes and extra classes. Though there are student planners also available online to choose from.

You need a bag to put all the above mentioned things. Students prefer to buy a bigger bag to keep the things protected. It is best to buy bags that are large and yet lightweight. You can choose from bold prints to cute prints keeping your needs in mind. Prefer a bag that has utility pockets like water bottle, stash and utility pockets.

So, now that your back to school shopping list is ready, don’t forget to check for the Back-to-School deals and coupons online. Stores like,,, Barnes and Nobles, Disney store, Kmart and Kipling.