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Back to School Tech for the Home

When you think of ‘Back to School,’ what comes to mind? For most, it’s a big to-do list, followed by an even bigger shopping list, usually filled with supplies their children need for the classroom or for college. But what about back to school needs for moms and dads? As a parent of a school-aged child, I am quickly learning that if we don’t have things organized at home, we have no chance of surviving the school year without going crazy. It can be so hard to manage two adult’s competing schedules with work and other activities and then throw a child’s school schedule into the mix (or 2+ kids’ schedules), and it just gets busier than anyone ever imagine it would be. Before you start pulling your hair out in frustration over how to keep it all together and keep everything running smoothly at home, check out these amazing tech tools that’ll actually help to save your sanity this year.

Google Home is incredible for helping you stay organized at home. It can also save you a ton of time when you’re busy multitasking, like helping the kids with their homework while you’re cooking dinner. Google Home allows to you talk to Google and ask questions or specify a task. Just say, ‘Okay Google,’ and then proceed to ask or direct it to do something. You can ask Google to play music from your Google Play library, ask what the weather will be for the next day, ask it to set a timer for your child in time out, or ask ingredients needed for the recipe you’re using to make dinner. It’s such a smart companion, and it’s perfect for kids, too. They’ll love asking Google Home for help with their homework! You can find Google Home at Best Buy, and if you’re a new customer, you can save 25% off your first order.

Make sure to have upgraded your family’s tablets before the new school year starts. Think back to five years ago, when tablets were still fairly new on the tech scene. They were expensive and hard to find. Nowadays, tablets are everywhere, and they’re quite reasonably priced- so well priced that pretty much every member of the family might as well have their own personal tablet. Tablets are a great way to stay connected when you want to be more mobile. Take tablets on the go to watch movies, play games, enjoy apps, and more. Plus- it’s perfect for working on grocery lists, making to-do lists, managing your bills, calendars, and more. You can get the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablets and accessories from Verizon. Plus, you can get $5.00/off per month, when you order online.

Adults aren’t the only ones who rely on tech. Little ones as young as three years old can learn how to use their very own tablets from LeapFrog. LeapFrog makes a slew of different tablets for different ages, and they come with different apps and educational games. These tablets are the perfect introduction to tech for young ones who are so eager to use mom and dad’s tablets and phones. Giving older kids their own tablets gives them a sense of responsibility. It also allows them to play games and have some fun on their own, without mom and dad constantly looking over their shoulders. Don’t worry- parents have to set the tablets up, and can use a parental lock code to block the use of the web search and other websites when the tablet is connected to a WiFi network. Right now, you can snag the LeapFrog Epic for 20% off.

Of course, you can still rely on old-fashioned pen and paper to make your notes, but if you’re like me, you’ll wind up losing them. Why not invest in some quality electronic devices that will really work to help you keep your ducks in a row this school year? No more wondering what the homework assignments are when you’re stuck at the ball field. Just hop right on your phone or tablet and check the school’s parent portal to see the class assignments. Isn’t technology grand?