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Back to School Tech Gadgets for College Freshmen

Moving from high school to college means your college freshmen is going to need a whole new line of tech supplies to get them through the year. In fact, making it through the first year of college is nearly impossible without the following back to school tech supplies for college freshmen:laptop

Ibot Mini Scooba 230

Who has time to clean their dorm when they are running in and out for class or studying for exams? Get your college freshman the Ibot Mini Scooba 230 to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors. All they have to do is put some water in it and let it do the cleaning for them. This compact device is perfect for apartments and crowded dorm rooms.

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makercoffee maker

Let’s face it; college is the time for sleepless nights, cramming, and all night study sessions. With the lack of sleep and early classes, your college freshmen will need coffee in a hurry. The Keurig single serve coffee makers are perfect for making a cup on the go.

Digital Camera

You can’t send your college freshmen to school without a way to capture one of the momentous times of their life. A digital camera is a necessity when it comes to making your college memories last a lifetime. Check places like Staples Office Supply Store for deals on digital cameras.

Solar Polar Backpackbackpack

As your child ventures out on their own, you want them to be safe. This means having access to charging their phone at all times in case they need to call home for whatever reason. A Solar Polar Backpack uses the sunlight to generate power to charge phones, laptops, cameras, and gaming systems. Not only that, but it carries all their stuff, too.

Laptop Cooling Padlaptop cooling pad

With papers, essays, and research, your college freshmen will be using their laptop a lot. Many laptops are notorious for overheating which can cause the entire laptop to fry. A laptop cooling pad cools your child’s laptop allowing them to use it for longer periods of time.

Quality Noise Cancelling Headphones

College kids can get pretty loud and crazy which means it can be hard to study or sleep. Getting a noise canceling headphones is a college necessity for your college freshmen. Instead of going to the library to study, they can simply put on their headphones and tune everything else out.

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