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Back to School Tech Gear Your Student Needs

With a daughter in college, and two kids in middle school, back to school tech gear is a topic of great discussion. What kind of things do they really need when it comes to tech gear, though? Today, I want to discuss many different items children may need during this school year.


  • Cell Phone – In my house, you don’t get a cell phone unless you are old enough to be left home alone, and I trust you enough to actually stay home alone. 😉 I know several children who are in Kindergarten and have nicer smartphones than I do, and I think that’s just too young. But, middle school and high school kids, as well as college students, need access to a cell phone. Sometimes it’s nice to have a wealth of information at your fingertips, but I would recommend setting limits, watching the amount of time they are spending on their phone, and keep an eye on any social media accounts they may have. Check places like US Cellular for the best deals on smartphones for your kids.
  • Tablets – If your child doesn’t have a smartphone, they may need a tablet. A way to access the internet and certain apps for schoolwork. Check with your cell phone provider and see if there are any available deals on tablets. Many times, you can get tablets cheap, or even free, by going through the provider you already use.


  • Chromebook/Laptop – If your child is in high school or college, they are definitely going to need either a Chromebook or a Laptop in order to write papers, email reports, and tackle all of the work that’s required. Dell Home is a great place to start shopping for all your computer needs. You’ll find a great computer at a great price, and their friendly associates will help make sure you get exactly what your child is going to need to succeed.
  • Flash Drive – Your child may need a flash drive to transfer projects to and from school. Make sure you have extras on hand.


  • Calculator – Pretty self explanatory, but every student needs to have the proper calculator for the specific math classes they will be taking.
  • Additional Power Source – There are several ways to keep backup power available for your child’s gadgets. Otterx offers a case that can actually charge your phone. There’s also a backpack available on the market that has a built in battery and 3 USB ports to charge your tech gear. You can also buy battery-operated portable backup chargers, but I recommend reading actual user reviews on those products before buying one. Buy the one with the best ratings so that you don’t end up purchasing several before you find one you like.

These are the items your child will need most, especially in high school, and absolutely in college.

Did I miss any items? What other forms of tech gear will your child need this year?