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Baginc Handbag—women’s best friends

Handbags are essential accessories to every woman, as they help them carry all their needs from place to place. They are like a woman’s best friend and one cannot imagine a lady without them. Nowadays, women’s handbags not only act as a basic accessory, but are being treated as a fashion statement. When a woman carries a handbag, it not only reflects her elegance and status, but also says a lot about her mood.

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For this reason, Baginc is offering women, the option to choose celebrity handbags at the lowest prices. They are offering trendier and designer handbags at a starting price of just $29.

Baginc is offering handbags made of cowhide leather and so there will be no compromise on quality and durability of these handbags. Baginc handbags are offered in various colors and sizes and are presented with top brass hardware.

Alexa, Jane, Whiteney and Adele bags are presently available in the Baginc handbags catalog and all are made of genuine leather. Now, coming to the next highlight of Baginc handbags; they are designed in luxurious shapes and are offered with detachable shoulder strap option. So, all the ladies out there can carry the bag through a shoulder strap or can hold it in her hands, as per her style statement needs.

In order to give the handbag a fantabulous inside look, all these handbags are available with same colored inner lining with a double stitch. So, the bag will be strong enough to hold around a weight of almost four pounds and so.

Coming to the hardware, all Baginc bags are provided with brass zips and so it can withstand any amount of fidgeting in daily use. In order to offer convenience, all the bags depending on the size, are offered with three storage compartments. So, the user can use the three different compartments in order to store cosmetics, important papers and credit cards. There is a provision of a separate enclosure in the inside compartment of the bag, which acts as a secret pocket to keep valuables such as rings, chains or even high valued currency.

Since, women like to have their mobile phones on hand, most of the Baginc provided handbags are provided with an outside pocket. So, all you ladies can not only slip a tissue paper into the pocket, but can also keep their mobile phone in the best possible way, to communicate in an easy way.

Coming to the shipping part, all those who have selected their handbags of their choice can avail the free shipping facility offer by Baginc, the online wholesale trendy designer bags vendor. All orders which are above $99 will be offered free shipping in United States. But orders below $99 will have to pay a flat fee of $9.95 cents and that too at the time of purchase. So, all you ladies out there, the wise way to use the free shipping facility is to order in a bulk, so that you can avail a free shipping facility. The best choice is to form a team of friends and order the handbags with a single mailing address. Later on you can get together at a place and distribute your handbags order of your choice.

Baginc accepts all credit cards driven by Visa, master and American express. To offer more comfort, PayPal and western union payment methods are also accepted.

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