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Barbies That Bust Gender Stereotypes

Barbie, for a long time, had a justified bad reputation. First of all, her anatomy was so fictitious that she’d have a difficult time standing up in real life. Secondly, she was commonly used as a way for girls to practice their fashion and homemaking skills, ignoring that they had powerful brains behind their pretty faces.

We believe that every girl is beautiful, whether she looks like a Barbie or not. But we’re also happy to say that in recent years, Matel has noted the error of its ways and made efforts to correct. If you’ve got a little girl that wants to see a doll under the tree this year, make her day by giving her a Barbie that busts gender norms to show her that she can, too.

Game Developer Barbie


STEM is cool, and girls can do it just as easily as boys! Encourage that thought-process with the Game Developer Barbie, who is super smart, tech-savvy and gets to wear whatever the heck she wants to work on the daily. Those in tech also tend to make big bucks, which will encourage the girl in your life to close the gender pay gap once and for all.

Pilot Barbie


Who says girls can’t wear ties? Or fly planes? Our generation didn’t get a lot of positive affirmation in this realm, but we can raise the women of tomorrow to know and internalize the fact that they can do anything, even enter fields that have traditionally been dominated by their male counterparts.

While pilots used to be treated like royalty, today they don’t receive as much respect from the companies they work for. They do receive respect from the passengers, though, and if your little girl wants to fly planes when she grows up, she should know she can regardless of her gender. Flying, for many, is about more than the paycheck.

Firefighter Barbie


Many women don’t try out to become firefighters. The physical test to qualify is rigorous, and women are told their entire lives that they are weaker than men.

Women can and do pass the test, though, and we’re happy to see there’s a Barbie that portrays that fact. Women can be strong, too. If they’re fighting fires in a major metropolis, they can also get in the often liberal benefits that come along with the job, from great health insurance to phenomenal pensions.

Katniss Hunger Games Barbie


We love that Suzanne Collins made her protagonist female. We love her even more for making Katniss not just the protagonist, but also a strong leader without reducing her to a sexual object. Her Barbie is a win in so many ways.

Another reason we love it is because of the actor that plays Katniss herself: Jennifer Lawrence. She’s also a strong woman and leader who has spoken up on issues like body image and shaming, income inequality, female representation and feminism in general. She’s great at what she does and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, making her a wonderful role model.

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