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Barnes AndNoble: A Abode For Book Lovers

Have you bought Barnsie the bear for your kid recently, that soft furry bear in a green sweatshirt that carries a messenger bag? That would be Barnes and Noble’s mascot for you! Yes, the amazing bookstore retailer chain has a mascot too! For the uninitiated, Barnes and Noble is a chain of bookseller brand and of recent has even taken to selling toys, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, games and music. Many of their outlets also have a Starbucks café where you can sit and read while you decide on a book. It’s the complete experience and a customer delight!

Barnes AndNoble store

The Barnes and Noble bookstore website was launched in 1997 but they have been selling through mail order catalogues since the 80’s. Their site is a pleasure to visit. It is user friendly and gives you a choice of over 30 million products! Incidentally Barnes and Noble have also launched Nook, which is an android based book reader for the techno savvy of you. So their products are not just books, toys and games, homes and gifts, movies and TV, but also Nook and Nook books. Let’s look at their product categories:

Books: Unlike other online stores you will not find a best sellers section, but rather a customer favourites’ section. In fact, bestsellers account for less than 5% of their sales. In the customer favourite category, there are trending books, noteworthy collections, bargain books, featured new arrivals and of course the B&N Top 100.

You can also search books by subjects like art, philosophy, parenting, graphic novels, self- improvement and the like. Under best books, there are the books that they recommend, new writers, paperback bestsellers and NY Times bestsellers and the Year’s Top 100. A similar classification can be found under their Nook Books category.

Toys & games: Their toys & games section has options for age groups zero months to 15 years and above. Also you can filter using price, brand and categories like building & LEGO, baby boutique, electronic toys, dolls and stuffed animals and best sellers.

Homes & Gifts: This section is rather famous! Not only do you have brands like Pratt and Moleskin to choose from, but also gift categories like reading aids, food and gourmet gifts, desk and office accessories, journals and planners and decorative accents.

Right bang on their home page you will have options from hot books, staff picks, latest DVD, books by their featured author of the week, new arrivals in paperback, holiday cards and toys! It’s more than one way to look for what you want to purchase. And it’s more than enough reason for you to give them a shot!

Apart from these some of their discounts and offers are rather cool.

  1. They have a 30% off on boxed holiday cards and a buy one & get one free on Doug toys!
  2. The Nook tablet for only $159 plus free shipping!
  3. The Nook Colour for $139 plus free shipping!

Just announce these coupons, whose codes you can get online, at the time of purchase and walk away with a steal!