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Bath & Body Works Great “Almost Spring” Anti-Bac Hand Soap Sale

The harshness of winter brings a longing for warmer climates and exotic locations. Take a trip to the Tropics with Bath & Bodywork’s new Tropical Paradise Soap scents. Bath & Body Works is now offering its huge variety of anti-bacterial hand soaps at an excellent saving: buy 5 for $15.00 or 7 for $20.00, including their new Tropical Paradise soaps! You can mix or match such tropical fragrances such as Island Breeze and Ocean Sunset, Caribbean Escape or Aloha Orchid with Mango Paradise and Berry Sangria or Coconut Cove with the top-rated Aqua Blossom. Choose from Gentle Foaming, Deep Cleansing or Moisturizing Hand Soaps. You may want to mix these new scents with your familiar “Top Sellers,” “Fresh-Picked,” “Kitchen” or other favorites. You can even get soap sleeves in Botanical, Rose, Citrus or Botanical and more.

New Tropical Soaps

Ocean Sunset is one of Bath & Body Works new tropical scents. You can indulge in the scents of melon, crisp cucumber, fresh key lime and rich coconut milk to take a trip to the tropics without leaving your home. Indulge in a daily tropical escape.

Berry Sangria brings the promise of spring with the fragrance of tropical red berries, plum, fresh apples, ripe strawberries, red wine and sparkling seltzer. It’s a tropical beverage for your hands!

Mango Paradise leaves your hands lightly scented with the fragrance of papaya, blood orange, invigorating coconut water and sugared musk. Refreshment for the senses contained within a pump bottle.

Island Breeze carries the promise of the islands with a hint of juicy mango, sweet fresh papaya and Tahitian vanilla, white nectarine, fragrant orchids and coconut cream. This is a vacation for the senses in the comfort of your own home.

Other Tropical Paradise fragrance varieties:

Coconut Lime Verbena contains the scent of fresh coconut mixed with lime and delicious verbena, all blended with vanilla and musk.

Peach Bellini blends fragrant juicy peach with the scent of fresh mango and white apricot to create a delicious blend of fragrances reminiscent of the fresh cocktail.

Aloha Orchid brings to mind a Hawaiian beverage concocted of iced papaya, the nectar of guava and vine-ripened strawberries topped with creamy white orchids with a hint of soft musk.

Aqua Blossoms contains the pure, refreshing scent of ocean-sprayed blossoms – a clean, vibrant fragrance to refresh your senses.

Caribbean Escape takes you back to the islands with the fresh, exotic blend of pineapple and casaba melon. This truly is aromatherapy in a soap.

Coconut Cove hints of paradise with its blend of mango, juicy papaya, white nectarine, orchids, coconut cream and a hint of Tahitian vanilla. It’s like paradise in a pump bottle.

Anti-Bac Foaming Hand Soap Sleeves(priced from $5.50 to $7.50) –


These soaps are available in various formats. You can mix and match with your selection of Gentle Foaming, Deep Cleansing or Moisturizing Hand Soaps. Soaps are available online or at your favorite Bath & Body Works shop. If you wish to try new scents, your best bet is to visit your store and try a sample, discussing your preferences with the knowledgeable staff in attendance. Sniffing the fragrances can be half the fun.