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Bath & Body Works’ Ultimate Lip Gloss Collection

Lip gloss is one of the most popular beauty accessories to most our teens. They prefer the shimmer and simplicity of a lip gloss than that of a lipstick. But sometimes, professionals also use lip gloss in top of their lipstick to make it more alive and vibrant.

So what is really a Lip Gloss? Lip Gloss is a cosmetic product that makes a shiny, luster and slick appearance to our lips. They enhance the tone and color; bring a twist to any look and attire and gives attraction and fragrance. Some lip gloss doesn’t have any flavor or fragrance at all because some young women preferred them to be natural. But for teenagers and young girls, a little flavor and fragrance is all they wanted.


Lip Gloss does not just make our lips shinier and attractive. Besides that, it has moisturizer and sun block protection that keeps the lip moisturized and protecting from the harmful rays of the sun.

That’s why offers you luscious lip glosses of any kind and type. They have a wide range of products made especially for women to keep them feel confident and beautiful. does not only offer lip gloss but also lip balms and other face, skin, foot and hand, hair cares as well as beauty products for skin and body.

Their Lip Gloss products are not only of quality but with affordable prices. Here are some Lip Glosses that would really make your lips full of beauty. These products have a Buy 2 Get 1 Promo.

1. Dazzlelicious Lip Gloss Wand


This kind of lip gloss leaves an iridescent sparkle to illuminate your lip. The wand applicator dabs a high-shine formula and sweet flavors every time you apply. Available in flavors of Strawberry, Melon, and Berry. Price starts for only $10.50.

2. All Natural Lip Gloss


This lip gloss is made for women who want to indulge on their wild side. The collection features cool coconut flavor, exotic animal prints and bronze beach glow to complement every angle of adventure. It has a mouth-watering flavors and delicious shimmer for your lips. Available in Cool Coconut, Island Daiquiri and Bronze Berry flavors. The price is only $10.50.

3. Jelly Pops Lip Gloss


Get the ultra high-shine finish on your lips with Jelly Pops gel formula lip gloss. The light shade gives you a crystal clear shine with indulging delicious flavors of raspberry and papaya.

4. Berry Fruity Lip Gloss


It has a sparkling and mouth-watering formula that locks in moisture to make your lips shine with extra ultra sheer. It gives the lips a hint of shimmer and a pretty sparkle. It also moisturizes your lips to prevent dryness. This berry and fruity lip gloss are available in flavors of Strawberry, Mango, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and Cotton Candy. Price is only $7.50.

5. The Lip Gloss Glass Collection


This is the must-have Glass Collection of lip essentials. It is one of everyday favorites because its super shiny clear topcoat leaves your lips very fresh and natural. You can use it alone or over your favorite lipstick, it doesn’t matter because this collection will give radiance to your lips every time you use it. The Glass Collection includes Hydra Glass, Mint Glass, Plump Glass, Blush Glass and Pearl Glass. The price is very affordable for only $8.00.

6. Dreamiest Lip Gloss


Set a sail on dreamy and favorite places in the world with this lip gloss. It has a sheer formula that tints your lips for a shimmery glow. It is moisture-rich and high gloss that will make your every single day shine with beauty. Available in flavors of Venice Dolce Berry, Capri Seaside Citrus and Rome Honeysuckle Amore. Price is only $8.00.

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