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Be Safe while on Shopping Spree

It is a universal truththat shopping is the ultimate fun and online shopping is even more exciting as we don’t have to go out of our comfort zone to go to the market. We have every good reason to shop online, owing to the bargains and the varieties are there on the cyber horizon. Once you choose your stuff on the internet, you will get it as fast as possible because shipping facilities and mobility is very fast. Shopping was never so easy for customers. Despite of all this, we defiantly need to take some safety measures while shopping online as cyber-crime is very much prevalent these days. There are some points to be taken care of:

Always use a trusted site
Always go for a trusted site rather than using a search engine. Search results can distract you from what you actually need. Sites like and snapdeal can be fully trusted and they give you an added advantage by saving your time from search engines and giving you the perfect output. Another thing which should be taken care of is misspelling of words while typing the name of that website.

Security Issues
Be careful while using your credit card in online shopping. Always look for an SSL (secure socket lock) in every website. If that website has anSSL, the URL of the site will start with https://.
Give the least information about yourself to any online shopping store, asit can do a lot of damage if it reaches unsafe hands.

Don’t wait for your billing statements to come at the end of the month. Try to log in regularly to keep an eye on the digital status of your credit cards, debit cards and other accounts. Make sure that no extra charges are added in your billing statement.

Protect your PC
Your system should be totally encompassed with anti-virus software(Norton security scan etc.).Use a password with a strong strength. Choose a unique password when it comes to creating an account on any e-commerce website. Never use a public computer while shopping online and if itsurgent, do not forget to logout every time you use a public terminal.

Identify what’s true
You will get mailers on sites like CONGRATS! You have won an iPhone. Never make a mistake by taking these mails seriously and try to ignore these kinds of messages always. You can get robbed.

Online shopping has surely brought about a revolution in the lives of the shopaholics all over the world. But if we wish to enjoy it to the most, these tips can prove to be of much help. After all, what fun is it that costs later?