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Beach Essentials for Your Upcoming Vacation

If you’ve been counting down to the end of the year and looking forward to packing up the family and heading to the beach, you’re not alone. Millions of families will travel to the coast this summer, and dip their toes into the ocean, or dig into the sand. Before heading out on a family beach adventure, however, there are a few items that you’ll want to make sure that you have packed and ready to bring along on the trip.

Obviously, you can’t bring everything you own on your beach trip. In fact, the less you can bring along, the better. You’ll have more room in the car, and you’ll be more comfortable with less luggage. As for personal care products, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the items you need to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Many people have strong reactions to the sun and have to take extra precautions to protect their skin. A safe sunscreen is an absolute must. Ignoring the application of sunscreen while at the beach, is just asking for trouble down the road. If you’ve ever experienced a bad sunburn, you probably don’t want to go through that kind of pain again. Neutrogena has highly recommended suncare products for babies, kids, and adults. You can save $!5.00 of your first purchase from Neutrogena.

Protective accessories like sunglasses and hats will help to shield your eyes from the sun and will help to protect your head. If you have thin or thinning hair, your scalp can become burned very easily. It’s always best to wear a hat while playing or relaxing out in the sun. Sun hats come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, and are available in different prices, too. Cost Plus World Market has a beautiful selection of sun hats for beach goers. They also have other beach essentials like wraps and cover-ups, unique jewelry, and more. Right now, you can save 15% off in-store or online.

No one wants to hit the beach without a good quality beach towel. Many beach towels are thin and water will soak right through them. Look for a big towel that one or more people can sit or relax on. Thick towels will keep dry and will help to keep you dry when you come back onto the beach from a dip in the ocean. A tip to help with removing sand from a beach towel is to sew or pin several medium width long ribbon strands to the middle of the towel. When you’re ready to leave the beach, pick the towel up by the ribbons in the middle, and the sand will simply fall off of the towel. No need to shake it out and send sand flying into eyes and mouths. Kohl’s has a wonderful and colorful selection of beach towels. Check their clearance section if you’re a deal hunter. You can snag clearance deals up to 80% off!

Don’t forget the drinks. You’ll want to stay hydrated when you’re out on the beach. Plan to bring a cooler or at the very least, an insulated bag that can keep bottled water cold. As long as you have the basics to keep you safe on the beach, you” have a great time. Don’t forget to bring along a good book.